Is it possible to do botox during menstruation - the answer of specialists


For botulinum toxin injections there are not so many contraindications, and most of them are quite serious. But the question of whether it is possible to prick Botox during menstruation remains open: it seems that this is not an acute disease, and not pregnancy, and not taking antibiotics, but at the same time, beauticians, for the most part, will still say: Next day". But why? What exactly happens in the body of a woman during menstruation and how could this affect the result of the procedure?

Changes in the body during menstruation

A woman who is not in the medical field knows, perhaps, only basic facts about how menses work and affect the body. It is not surprising, because with this phenomenon, women have to deal with unenviable regularity. Trying to figure out why the nature of women doomed to take this into account at all, you can find out that this way the reproductive system, completely ready to conceive, displays the unused egg and is updated to enter the new cycle. Understanding where pain and blood come from, we learn that this is how the uterine mucosa is renewed by exfoliation and contraction.

But this is only the visible tip of the iceberg, and some of the changes that a woman faces during her period are sometimes invisible even to herself.

  • Let's start with the fact that menstruation as a physiological process is a monthly change in hormonal levels. This is usually thought of - and some will only learn at all - when it is time to plan a child. And hormones, as is known, affect all systems of the human body.
  • Hormonal jumps are not too easily transferred by the nervous system, whence the notorious PMS is taken. True, the severity of stress strongly depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.
  • If during menstruation you are faced with a characteristic dizziness or indigestion, which do not occur on any other day of the month, then the information that hormones affect the cardiovascular and digestive systems will not be news.
  • Did you know that with blood tests for menstruation can cause inaccurate or incorrect results? For many studies, it is asked to inform about it, and for some to postpone the day of delivery, because otherwise the information will be significantly distorted due to the influence of hormones.
  • Add to this menstrual dermatitis, which is not such a rare occurrence, or recall a pimple that popped up on an ideal face just on the first day of the cycle. Imperfections on the skin and changes in its structure are generally familiar to many girls: from the expansion of pores, the appearance of black spots and inflammations to the change of type from dry to oily or vice versa.

That restructuring, through which the female body passes during menstruation, is impressive, and it is her particular manifestations that will help answer the question of whether Botox can be used to prick during menstruation.

How menstruation can affect the Botox procedure

Botox, or rather, botulinum toxin, has been used in cosmetology for a long time, and there have been a lot of research about the safety of its use. Still, it is still a poison, and without careful inspection could harm or even provoke botulism. Menstruation is not included in the list of direct contraindications, and the combination of altered hormonal levels and Botox is not capable of causing obvious harm to the body. Nevertheless, the above features may affect the course of the procedure and even the result.

  • Stressing the nervous system can make the procedure less easy due to increased levels of stress. If on a typical day you walked and did an injection and did not blink, it might seem more frightening and uncomfortable on critical days.
  • Additional stress in the form of a procedure can provoke a more pronounced manifestation of headaches or dizziness. True, you may not even know about this connection, since the strength of the manifestation of such symptoms is, of course, not only what you did during the menstrual botox.
  • Its influence becomes more noticeable when it comes to the composition of the blood. More precisely, the point here is not so much in the preparation as in the injections themselves. The altered structure of the blood may react differently to the injections than on normal days, which often manifests itself in stronger hematomas that last longer than usual. For the same reason, the injection site may be bleeding during the procedure itself.
  • Is it possible to do Botox during menstruation, if the skin has small inflammation? Theoretically, yes, but the result may not please you as much as usual, because of the changed characteristics of the epidermis.
  • You may have heard that in the first days of menstruation the pain threshold is lower, and the body as a whole is weaker. So, during this period of time, it is not recommended to do tattoos, epilation and, accordingly, injections, as the procedure will become more painful.

Another negative impact of the monthly on the procedure will be a long recovery, because the body forces during this period are mobilized in another part of your body. Cones and bruises will take longer, and you are unlikely to please.

Will the effect of botox during menstruation?

Yes, all the above nuances of the procedure during menstruation do not sound encouraging, but on the Internet you can find a warning that Botox, injected during menstruation, may have no effect, and this already draws more on the reason for refusing the beauty session. To understand whether this is true or not, you can understand how botulinum toxin works.

  • First, the drug is injected into the muscles and not into the skin, so even if it changes its characteristics during menstruation, this is far from the primary factor.
  • Secondly, the drug paralyzes the muscle, relaxing it and not allowing it to contract further. Changes in hormonal levels are not able to make a muscle resist such an aggressive effect.
  • The drug also can not suddenly become unsuitable, and rejection due to menstruation does not occur: a certain preparation based on botulinum toxin is either suitable for you or not, and it does not depend on the phase of the cycle.

The unpredictable effect that the Internet so fond of is so fond of is the result of lack of professionalism and the violation of technology rather than the fault of critical days.

The restructuring of the body during menstruation, of course, is characterized by a large number of changes, and hormonal jumps do have a strong effect on the body, but still this is not enough to nullify or significantly distort the effect of such a strong substance.

Can I do Botox for menstruation?

All the possible risks that the Botox procedure during menstruation may be fraught with, look unpleasant, but not terribly scary. Yes, the procedure will become somewhat more painful, bruises will be more, and the skin will recover longer. But if you are ready to put up with the fact that the session will bring you more discomfort than usual, you can act at your own risk bypassing the recommendations of the beautician.

They advise against giving injections on these days due to the fact that the client may end up unhappy with the procedure and the result, accuse them of being unprofessional, putting the responsibility for their headaches and dizziness on them. At the same time for the body it is really unnecessary stress in an already difficult period. But here are stories that Botox injections during menstruation are useless and ineffective - just stories.

It turns out that the drug will work during menstruation, and the neuromuscular connection in any case will be broken. If your body is strong, bruises do not bother you, and there is no opportunity to postpone a session, then try to arrange a meeting with a cosmetologist. If during your period you don’t feel too good without injections, do not complain about the doctor when you suffer from pain during the procedure and after indisposition.

Main aspects of the procedure

Botox for hair is a method of restoring beauty, shine, thickness and strength through the use of foreign preparations that contain Intra-Silane moleculewhich contributes to the duration of the recovery effect.

Botox helps hair to return to its former form, when they were still untouched by curling hair, a hairdryer, paint and other means that spoil their structure, making hair dry, lifeless, split ends, etc.

Contraindications to the procedure

Well-groomed hair is the dignity of every girl, but you cannot endanger yourself for the sake of beauty.

There are the following contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • critical days,
  • menopause
  • wounds on the scalp
  • itching and flaking
  • psoriasis,
  • diseases related to the central nervous system,
  • intolerance to any element in the composition.

Botox injection for hair during the critical days period

Every woman who has already started menstruating, knows that during this period the body is rebuilt, and hormonal disorders are observed. Physicians are advised not to undergo various procedures that involve the use of chemicals during critical days. If an ordinary girl could easily transfer the Botox procedure, then during the menstruation period, the drug, which is injected, can cause allergy and irritationwhich will heal longer than usual.

Do not forget that each person and his body are individual. Based on this fact, it can be concluded that in some cases Botox injection will not cause adverse reactions.

Procedure during pregnancy

In order not to risk the health of women and children it is worth waiting for the injection.

The composition of many drugs includes a dangerous chemical element - formaldehyde, which is blown away by the action of a hair dryer or ploy, and its vapors enter the respiratory tract and remain in the lungs, thereby poisoning the organs from the inside. Ordinary girls easily tolerate such a toxic reaction, but for a pregnant woman everything happens several times more difficult, because the state of the child completely depends on her health.

Cosmetologists recommend pregnant women with a responsibility to choose cosmetics, because Botox, like many drugs, contains toxins that are harmful and lead to irreversible reactions.

According to reviews of women who have decided to inject Botox during pregnancy, one thing is clear: the drug does not function at all or the result is not more than a week.

Side effects

After the Botox procedure for the hair of the girl leave a significant amount of feedback. Many of them are positive, but there are also those that express customer dissatisfaction or warn about adverse reactions.

It is impossible to be absolutely sure in any procedure, so before conducting it you should ask a specialist for a certificate of training and documents for preparations, because often masters use low-quality substances, which leads to side effects.

Among positive reactions are observed:

  1. Silky and shiny hairline.
  2. Ease of scratching, and also disappears electrification, which occurs in winter.
  3. "Sealing" split ends.
  4. Hair density and protection against loss.
  5. Recovery of rapid growth.

Side effects include:

  1. Allergic reactions to the elements of the composition.
  2. The instability of the action due to poor quality drugs.
  3. With frequent procedures, the hair becomes dull and weak, and abundant loss begins.
  4. Application to bleached strands gives the effect of blue.
  5. Complete destruction of hair due to the use of low-quality cheap drugs.
  6. If the procedure is carried out incorrectly, the effect of dirty and greasy hair will be visible on the head.

Opinion and recommendations of experts

Cosmetologists say that this treatment is the best that was invented to restore the cover. Many people are prone to Botox, as it is completely painless, and if carried out properly and using the recommended preparations, it will not cause any adverse reactions and will last for a long time, giving the hair beauty, shine and natural strength. The specialist conducts completely familiar to all procedures: washing the head, applying substances and blow-drying.

It is believed that to achieve a similar result is impossible, using only masks, rinses and other similar substances, because Botox drugs penetrate into the hair cells, therefore they nourish them not only from the outside, but also from the inside, unlike other means. Beauticians recommend this care to anyone who wants to have healthy and well-groomed hair. However, this should not be abused: the procedure should be repeated once every 3-6 months, so as not to spoil the structure of the hair and not make them lifeless. Hairdressers are advised to carry out the procedure in the salon and trust only highly qualified specialists.


Botox for hair is an effective recovery procedure that is not allowed to everyone. No studies on adverse reactions during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle have been carried out, so you should not risk the health of the baby, if the girl is in a position of her own. You can nourish your hair with the help of masks from natural ingredients so as not to be endangered.