Before menstruation whining legs


The pains during menstruation in the legs are associated with hormonal hormone disturbances in women, as well as with pathological processes in her body. Pronounced discomfort during painful menstruation. At the same time, in addition to pain in the legs, there is general weakness, dizziness until loss of consciousness, fever, nausea, nervousness, and painful sensations in the lower abdomen. Sore feet before menstruation can periodically or permanently in each menstrual cycle.

Cause discomfort during menstruation in the legs

Subject to the unpleasant sensations of women of any age. The main reason is considered a change in hormonal background under the influence of numerous factors. However, each age has its own peculiarities of pain during menstruation in the legs.

  1. Adolescence

At the time of puberty, the girl's body undergoes significant changes. The cause of pain during menstruation in the lower limbs in girls from 10 years is the discrepancy between the biological age and the functioning of the reproductive system. Accelerated growth of the skeleton, muscle tissue causes an imbalance in the blood supply in the pelvic region. At the beginning of menstruation from the age of 13, everything is fine with the physiology of the growing female body. However, the unsteady menstrual cycle causes general weakness, dizziness, pain in the lower abdomen, which gives to the groin, legs. In the future, pain during menstruation in the legs cease. Contributes to this restoration of the menstrual cycle, labor activity, regular sex life.

  1. Women of childbearing age

Often, young women suffer from pain during menstruation in the legs during a normal monthly cycle. With a weak severity of pain, the process is normal, occurs due to hormonal transformations. Pain in the lower abdomen, swelling of the legs, muscle weakness and other symptoms of critical days begins to appear. From the pain during menstruation in this case, help the bath with warm water, light massage. Unpleasant sensations pass gradually, disappear completely after the end of menstruation.

In young women, the legs can hurt in the postpartum period. Regardless of whether the birth was natural or resorted to cesarean section. After delivery, the pelvic bones return to their original position gradually, with a somewhat different position. In this case, the woman feels pain in the lower back, which gives to the legs, increases with the onset of menstruation. In addition, the cause of pain during menstruation in the legs is a sprain in the area of ​​the sacrum, injuries, spinal injuries. In addition, this symptom may indicate some pathological processes in the body.

Factors contributing to the emergence of discomfort

Painful symptoms in the legs on the eve of critical days or during menstruation often occur with a sedentary lifestyle. A long stay in a sitting position leads to blood stagnation in the pelvic area, accompanied by pain in the lower back, sacrum, gives to the legs. In addition, the woman feels breaking muscles, cramps. This condition is associated with a lack of some mineral components, for example, iron, magnesium, calcium. With the constant presence of pain there are such diseases:

  • diabetes,
  • avitaminosis,
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • osteochondrosis,
  • arthritis,
  • infringement of nerves by cyst, hernia,
  • sclerosis,
  • the presence of tumors.

If there are several disturbing symptoms or persistent pain, you should visit a specialist. Timely treatment will prevent complications, get rid of trouble.

Why do teenagers experience discomfort?

Adolescence - the first period in the life of a girl, characterized by large changes. First of all, it concerns hormones. But substances have a huge impact on virtually all departments and functions of the body. In girls, the pain in the premenstrual period is due to several reasons:

Skeleton elongation, including leg bones, muscle growth. Often changes occur so quickly that the vascular system does not have time for them. Discomfort in the legs is caused by insufficient blood supply and at the same time irritation of the nerve endings. This results in not only aching sensation, but also a feeling of numbness. The pain can be quite severe, as after a long and intense exercise. Overexcitation of the nervous system. In adolescence, many girls become uncontrollable, flare up at the slightest pretext, crying out for nothing. That is, their nervous reactions are sudden and sometimes violent. Irritation concerns not only the central nervous system, but also energizes those parts of the system that are in other parts of the body. It can provoke headaches, generally wandering sensations all over the body. The girl complains that her legs are cramping or aching, pulling. This can occur even at night. Algomenorrhea. This is a pathological condition in which the main pain point is located in the area of ​​the uterus. The stomach starts to ache, then the sensation captures the back area and gives away lower, that is, into the hips. Of all the causes of premenstrual pain in the legs, this is the most painful and most difficult to eliminate. The sensations that are seen in the limbs are only part of the syndrome, and not the most painful one.

Leg pains in the premenstrual period in girls in most cases disappear themselves as hormonal levels stabilize.

This can be helped if we ensure a relaxed, measured life for a teenager, adequate nutrition and physical activity.

Limb pain in childbearing age

Sometimes, what is discomfort in the legs before menstruation is recognized for the first time already at a rather mature age, when there is a normal intimate life, possibly children. Why before menstruation sore legs in adult women? After all, their hormonal system should work fine. And the reproductive organs (like all the others) have reached maturity in development, and there should be no conflicts between different parts of the body, as it happens in adolescents.

But all of the above does not cancel the changeability of the hormonal balance. It is its natural property and provides a monthly update of the uterine mucosa. And if so, then the phenomenon that, before menstruation, the legs of adult women ache, has several different explanations:

Foot problems with menopause

Menopause is as changeable as teenage. Only in it does not occur growth, and the extinction of many functions. This can not affect the state of health. One of the manifestations becomes heaviness in the legs, a different kind of discomfort, pain, increasing before rare menses.

The symptom can be caused by the same reasons as women in the reproductive period. But new ones are added:

Hormone jumps. This is typical of premenopause. Sometimes there is a feeling that menstruation is about to begin. Headache, engorgement, abdominal discomfort, that is, many signs of PMS are felt. But menstruation in this state can wait for a long time, and the symptoms do not disappear, and they are joined by painful sensations in the legs. Diseases caused by aging. Here the list is huge: from gynecological pathologies to endocrine and oncological. Diabetes mellitus, thrombophlebitis, osteochondrosis, vertebral hernia, arthritis, neuropathy, even vitamin deficiency lead to the fact that he twists his legs in front of menstruation, painful cramps, swelling and heaviness may appear in them. This symptom, like the pathologies themselves, will most likely be overtaken by those women who pass into a passive lifestyle with age and do not follow the diet. And also those who suffer severe manifestations of menopause, just to not take hormones. Or prescribe them on their own by choosing the wrong dose and inappropriate drug.

We recommend reading an article about back pain during menstruation. From it you will learn about the causes of unpleasant sensations in the back before menstruation, lumbar colic on critical days, possible diagnoses, ways of getting rid of discomfort.

How to get rid of pain

Naturally, the pain in the lower limbs will disappear as soon as its cause is eliminated. But that is if the disease is to blame. And menstruation does not eliminate without harm to health. And yet when the legs go numb before the menstrual period, they hurt, swell up, cause another anxiety, there are several universal ways to alleviate the condition:

make contrast foot baths, always wear comfortable shoes, strengthen the muscles of the legs, do self-massage.

The problem, no matter what age it appears, cannot be ignored. Perhaps this is the first reminder of the disease. Therefore, it is always necessary to find out what causes pain in the legs in the days before menstruation, that is, go to the doctor if the symptom has become regular.

The problem of pain in the lower limbs, during the menstrual cycle, applies to all women. Pain is constant and variable. Discomfort causes discomfort to women of childbearing age, adolescent girls, with a high pain threshold during menstruation.

Every month, women go through the menstrual cycle that develops individually. Some of the fair sex do not feel the symptoms of PMS, pain during menstruation. Causes - the individual characteristics of the organism. The absence of pain during menstruation is a positive factor indicating the strong health of the woman.

Causes of pain in the legs during menstruation

If the legs hurt before the menstrual period, the reason is hidden in the pathologies of the pelvic organs. Pain in the legs is aching in nature, causing numbness of the limbs, goose bumps, cold. Feet freeze, cramps appear. This state does not last long, appears at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. One of the causes of pain in the legs during menstruation is the hormonal alteration of the body that occurs during life: the onset and installation of menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, the onset of menopause.

Pain in the lower extremities during menstruation also occurs on the background of diseases. Weakened immunity, colds, imbalance of blood supply in the tissues - lead to unpleasant sensations in the legs. Severe pain in the lower limbs during the menstrual cycle - pathology. It indicates improper contraception, diseases of the reproductive organs, endometriosis, polyps, adhesions, problems with the bloodstream, thrombosis.

To find the causes of pain before menstruation in the lower extremities, the general practitioner and gynecologist prescribe an examination: ultrasound of the pelvic organs, blood vessels, curettage, laparoscopy.

Pain in the legs during menstruation at different ages

The causes of pain in the lower limbs of girls and women are different. Pain in the period of menstruation in adolescent girls say that the body grows. Menstruation begins at 13-14 years, it happens earlier, at 10-11. The mismatch of biological and physical age leads to an imbalance that causes pain in the legs. When menstruation is established in girls, breast tenderness occurs, discomfort giving to the sacrum, lower limbs. After the establishment of the menstrual cycle, sexual activity will begin, pregnancy and childbirth, pain in the legs will stop or ease.

In women who are ready for the birth of a child, pain in the lower limbs during menstruation speaks of health problems. A small pain syndrome is considered normal, but weakness, dizziness, anemia, disability - a signal for examination. Feet hurt before menstruation in women. Pain after childbirth suggests that blood circulation is not established, the pelvic bones have not taken a normal position. Influenced the level of pain experienced operations, spinal injuries.

Women after fifty years are slowly losing the function of conceiving and having children. Menstruation becomes irregular. Before the cycle begins, symptoms typical of menstruation occur: legs, head, back, stomach ache, and there is no blood. In another cycle it is the opposite: there are no signs of PMS, but menstruation comes. In the period of menopause, a decrease in the functions of the organs occurs, diseases of the legs appear, and the blood supply to the lower extremities decreases. Woman worried about cramps, heaviness, pain.

Unpleasant sensations in the lower limbs cause:

Hypodinamia. Increased blood sugar levels. Leg diseases. Arthritis. Severe labor. Gynecological diseases. Osteochondrosis. Stroke.

The pain during the cycle is affected by transferred injuries of the lower extremities, operations associated with them.

Drug treatment of leg pain during menstruation

If there are pains in the lower limbs before menstruation, the doctor prescribes medication therapy to stop the pain. Pain during menstruation relieves natural medicines. Menalgin eliminates or reduces the level of pain, reduces intensity, removes irritability, facilitates menstruation, reduces pain threshold. Menalgin eliminates the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract.

Why recommend Menalgin? First, he is appointed according to individual indications to women suffering from severe pain, has a sparing effect. Secondly, the drug is natural. You don't need to take it yourself. Taking the medication begins the day before the expected menstruation. The drug soothes, relaxes, has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic effect. Recommended intake of vitamins and minerals, hormonal contraceptive, sedative, analgesics.

Treatment of pain folk remedies

If the legs hurt before menstruation, folk remedies help not worse than medicines, have a long, lasting effect.

Relieve the pain in the legs during menstruation medicinal fees sold in the pharmacy. It is recommended to brew instead of tea and drink on an empty stomach. Add mint, lemon balm, chamomile to tea. These herbs soothe, relieve inflammation. Prepare an infusion of oregano. Pour boiling water (two glasses) two tablespoons of herbs. Let the broth cooked for 30 minutes. Drink three times a day, half an hour before meals. It is useful to drink a raspberry infusion before menstruation. With regular use has anti-inflammatory, soothing properties. Take raspberry leaves - three teaspoons, cover with a glass of boiling water, let it brew. Drink during the day in small portions. The pain in the legs will go away if the infusion is made permanent. Pour four teaspoons of viburnum bark with a glass of boiling water, boil it, let it cool, strain it. Take a tablespoon three times a day before meals. One of the causes of leg pain during menstruation is stress. It is recommended to take soothing charges that are sold in pharmacies. Mix chamomile (flowers) and melissa (leaves) in equal proportions, pour boiling water, let it brew. Strain. Take thrice daily before meals. It is recommended to start using the infusion a week before menstruation.

Infusion of chamomile and melissa

During menstruation, drink plenty of fluids, take warm baths, massage your feet. Footbath pain syndrome, with aromatic oils or herbs. Pour a tablespoon of valerian root, lemon balm leaves, hop cones (the same proportion), two tablespoons of yarrow (flowers ) three glasses of liquid. Ingredients mix, cook in a water bath for forty minutes. Let it stand for four hours. Broth strain. Take after meals.

Leg pain during a cycle is easy to remove, remember that pain is a serious symptom that is not the norm. Causes painful active contraction of the uterus, rejecting the endometrial layer. Hence the bleeding. Severe pain in the legs - an excuse to do health.

Prevention of leg pain during menstruation

To avoid pain, to reduce the degree of their occurrence can be a change of lifestyle, habits, diet, mode of work and rest. Special gymnastics helps strengthen the abdominal muscles, improve blood supply to the pelvic organs and legs. A woman who regularly suffers from pain during menstruation should eliminate spicy, salty foods, fatty, sweet. Doctors recommend vegetables and fruits, vitamins.

During menstruation can not:

Engage in hard physical labor, run, climb stairs. Follow a strict diet. Re-cool your feet. Consume alcohol, smoke. Sunbathe.

Recommended warm herbal foot bath, gentle massage, fresh air, mode of work and rest. Learn to cope with stress, relax, relax, calm down. Smoking - the cause of the deterioration in this period. Bad habits adversely affect the vessels, leading to dangerous consequences.

Doctors recommend, for the prevention of pain, to pay attention to the lifestyle. Adjust the diet, take vitamin complexes, including calcium, magnesium, vitamins B, E. Exercise regularly, moderately, enough simple exercise and gymnastics. Keeping a cycle diary will help to understand and eliminate the cause of pain.

Менструальный цикл у каждой представительницы слабой половины человечества отличается индивидуальной длительностью, объемом кровотечения, промежутками от одного кровотечения до другого. Каждая женщина имеет свой порог чувствительности к болевым раздражителям. Строение и расположение матки оказывает влияние на характер менструации, локализацию боли. To establish the reason why during the menstrual period the legs hurt, it is possible after a thorough examination of the woman.

In adolescent girls

During the period when puberty begins, the girl's body undergoes an active restructuring:

the skeleton begins to grow rapidly, the muscular frame, the gonads begin to function actively, producing the corresponding hormones.

Due to the fact that the growth of blood vessels and nerves is not keeping pace with the growth of the skeleton, and the physical exertion at this time is large, teenagers develop a aching nature of pain in the legs. Discomfort especially aggravated before menstruation. These symptoms may be accompanied by numbness and swelling of the legs. The situation is aggravated by fluctuations in hormone levels at this time.

In addition, the uterus may still be underdeveloped, have bends. With its reduction during bleeding pain gives back to the spine in the legs.

In women of childbearing age

Leg pain may increase in middle-aged women, especially after the birth of children. After childbirth may be a complication in the form of displacement of the vertebrae, the divergence of the pelvic bones, the presence of a scar after cesarean section. In this regard, the nervous regulation of the legs is disturbed, which is accompanied by pain, numbness, and swelling.

long stay in an upright position, violation of the level of hormones in the body, diseases of the urinary system, pathology of the female genital sphere.

The severity of pain affects the natural content of hormones in the body. Women with estrogen and prostaglandin predominate are more susceptible to pain.

Premenstrual syndrome as a cause of pain in the legs

The cause of PMS is a violation of the ratio of sex hormones, processes of nervous regulation in the brain. To provoke the development of this state can be constant stress, malnutrition. With the development of PMS, fluid retention in body tissues is of great importance.

A woman becomes whiny, irritable or depressed. For a few days before the menstrual period, she develops a heaviness in the chest glands, pain in the nipples, muscles, and thirst. Such women are often worried about stool disorder.


This disease occurs when the inner layer of the uterus grows in places where it should not be. At the same time begins to whine in the lower abdomen and lower back. Due to the close proximity to the uterus of the nerve plexuses, pain gives to the lower extremities. Characteristic in this case will be a constant heaviness in the legs and its strengthening during menstruation.


This is a violation of the menstrual cycle, manifested by painful periods. This condition is associated with hormonal imbalance. In this case, the woman becomes especially sensitive to any manifestations of pain.

The condition is aggravated by the incorrect position of the uterus or its underdevelopment. If this organ is bent posteriorly and is close to the nerve plexuses, when it is reduced during regulation, the nerves are irritated, transferring momentum to all nearby organs.

Back problems

Pain in the legs can be triggered by diseases of the spine:

previous injuries, osteochondrosis, tumors, impaired blood circulation of the spinal cord.

With significantly pronounced changes in the spine, spinal cord function may be impaired. In this case, the legs will be cold, the patient does not feel any part of them. Characterized by the appearance of insects crawling on the skin, tingling. Over time, the woman begins to limp. With hormonal alterations, all symptoms intensify.

Venous insufficiency

Before menstruation, sore legs and varicose veins. In this disease, the patient will also be disturbed by the swelling of the legs, the appearance of ulcers that do not heal for a long time. If this is a young woman whose disease is just beginning, leg edema will not be so pronounced. Menstruation provokes deterioration before menstruation, when water starts to linger on the background of hormonal adjustment.

Joint diseases

In case of diseases of the joints, the woman will be bothered by the following symptoms:

pain in the area of ​​one or more joints, redness of the skin over them, stiffness of movements in the morning, crunching during movements, worsening of symptoms after hypothermia.

During the period of menstruation the disease aggravates.


Nerve damage is manifested in impaired leg function. The woman notices that the skin of the lower extremities to the touch is constantly cold, dry, the hair on the legs begins to fall out. Feet become "wadded", quickly tired. Pain in the legs during menstruation is especially noticeable.


The following examinations are prescribed:

complete blood count, blood count on the activity of the inflammatory process, determination of the content of sex hormones, ultrasound of the pelvic organs, analysis of vaginal secretions.

If you suspect a disease of the veins and nerve damage, the doctor will schedule an examination.

Treatment of folk remedies

The treatment of such a condition includes a whole range of measures. First of all, a woman needs to make adjustments to her usual way of life. If distance permits, it is better to walk to and from work on foot. Every 1-2 hours spent in a sitting position, you need to take a break for 10-15 minutes. At this time it is best to go. When sitting legs try not to throw one over the other, often put them horizontally.

If possible, it is useful to periodically sit down with your legs raised up.

When a leg hurts, traditional healers recommend wrapping it with slightly squeezed fresh cabbage leaves. They are tied to the leg in the evening and left overnight. The leg will hurt less, her swelling will decrease.

The diet is enriched with multivitamins. The diet includes fresh celery. The root and leaves can be added to salads or you can drink 1 tablespoon of its juice daily for a month. Then make a month break.

To relieve fatigue and stress will help tea from the stems and leaves of lemon balm. For this, 1 tbsp. l crushed plants poured a glass of boiling water and drink as tea.

Pain in adolescents

In adolescence, girls begin puberty, and menstruation appears as a signal of the development of the reproductive system. During this period, adolescents have a high level of hormones, bone cell growth and an increase in muscle tissue. When menstruation occurs, the adolescent's body is not yet ready for the normal functioning of the reproductive system; therefore, there is a disturbance in the blood supply and the appearance of failures in providing the tissues with proper neural connections. This provokes the appearance of a painful symptom in the pelvic and lower extremities.

If menstruation occurs in a girl aged 13 to 15, when the body enters its normal physiology, girls may experience:

  • Painful symptom in the pectoral muscles, spine.
  • There may be pain in the lower abdomen, which gives to the sacrum or legs. Weak muscles of the lower extremities ache and whine, there is also hyperhidrosis of the feet. At this time, a teenager may notice the appearance of numbness in the limbs.
  • After the teenage organism has established a normal menstrual cycle and regular sex life has normalized, the pain can stop altogether or reduce its frequency of appearance.

After the formation of a monthly cycle of pain in adolescents will be on their own

The presence of pain in the reproductive age

The onset of menstruation makes a woman feel uncomfortable, as in this period appear: skin rash, swelling of limbs, pain of different localization. Before the onset of menstruation, the woman notes the heaviness in the chest, compression in the pelvic organs. This process is normal, but in the presence of pathological changes in different systems of the body increases during menstruation.

Such painful sensations in the period of menstruation may increase in women who have undergone a cesarean section or a natural, but difficult, birth. Pain and heaviness in the limbs manifest themselves both at the beginning and at the end of menstruation. The reason for this is a violation of blood microcirculation in the pelvic organs and innervation of the tissues of the lower extremities. Sprains after childbirth in the area of ​​the sacrum increase pain in the legs during menstruation.

A great influence on the appearance of such symptoms during menstruation is caused by impaired blood supply to large and small vessels, which occurred as a result of adhesive processes, thrombosis or abdominal operations.

Vascular thrombosis can cause pain in the legs.

Pain syndrome during premenopause

A woman who enters the premenopausal stage notes dramatic changes in her state of health. Menstruation during this period becomes irregular and rare. It is at this time that women experience menstruation much more acutely than in adolescence, and the symptoms can increase and change.

With the onset of climacteric changes, the function of the reproductive system organs disappears due to which the level of natural sex hormones decreases. These changes affect the nature of menstruation, causing various changes in other systems of the body.

Bone tissue during this period undergoes significant changes. With the onset of menstruation, the level of female sex hormones decreases, which leads to an additional decrease in elastin in cartilage tissues and leaching of calcium from the bone. Therefore, in the premenopausal period, immediately before the onset of menstruation, the woman feels more acute pain in the legs, the appearance of edema and seizures.

We advise you to read on this topic.

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Orange discharge before, during and after menstruation

Critical days pass in different ways: for some women, almost nothing hurts, and the usual way of life almost does not change. Others have mild ailments, headaches, indigestion. Others experience severe, and sometimes unbearable pain in the limbs, abdomen, and other organs. As a rule, all these unpleasant sensations are caused by changes in the hormonal background, and at the end of menstruation they pass. The purpose of this article is to consider the reasons why the legs often hurt before menstruation, what causes it, how to remove the feeling of discomfort.

Why do my legs ache during menstruation? Most often this is due to premenstrual syndrome, which is different for each woman. Typically, such phenomena pass after menstruation. The situation is different if pain in the lower limbs occurs as a result of other diseases, disorders that are exacerbated on critical days.

Such reasons, in addition to the diseases of the legs and circulatory disorders in the limbs, are:

  • high blood sugar
  • osteochondrosis, arthritis,
  • stroke,
  • hypodynamia,
  • gynecological ailments
  • diseases of the spine, joints, small pelvis,
  • nervous disorders (polyneuropathy).

There is also an exacerbation of pain in the legs after surgical interventions or injuries suffered earlier.

Pain before menstruation

Quite a common reason why the legs hurt before the menstrual period is dysmenorrhea. Approximately one day before the regul, symptoms of this pathology begin to manifest themselves, which are pronounced in the very process of menstruation, but disappear after the end of critical days.

Gynecologists determine the cause of the disease menstrual disorders and changes in hormone levels during the period of PMS. In addition, experts have proven that the cause of dysmenorrhea may be due to heredity, that is, if the mother’s critical days were complicated by many exacerbations, it is possible that the daughter will suffer painful manifestations during menstruation.

Dysmenorrhea can have both a mild form (the ailments are almost not felt and do not affect the usual routine of life), and more severe, up to the strongest acute pain that interferes with normal life activity. With a severe degree of the disease often exacerbation of other ailments (pain in the joints, abdomen, back, migraine) is often observed.

It happens that dysmenorrhea is caused by other chronic diseases, congenital characteristics of the uterus and vagina, side effects of intrauterine contraception. For many years, the disease may be asymptomatic and unexpectedly manifest with age, increasing in its manifestations from year to year.

Symptoms of dysmenorrhea include:

  • lower abdominal pain extending to the legs,
  • general weakness, fatigue,
  • irritability and / or aggressiveness,
  • inadequate response to odors (for example, a sudden intolerance of odors, which usually do not cause rejection),
  • nausea, dizziness,
  • indigestion
  • swelling and / or numbness of the arms and legs,
  • tachycardia,
  • headaches and joint pains.

The timely treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease will help to avoid this disease. It is also necessary to pay enough attention to a healthy lifestyle and your well-being.

Pain during menstruation

The flow of menstruation, as well as the answer to the question of why during menstruation, feet hurt, depends on the woman's age. Sometimes this is caused by the individual characteristics of the location of the uterus, or even serious diseases of the legs.

In adolescents, pain in the legs may be due to physiological factors, puberty. At the same time, accelerated growth of the skeleton and muscles is observed. Vessels and nerves grow more slowly, physical exertion increases, there is pain in the legs, aggravating on critical days due to an imbalance of hormones. Sometimes pain is accompanied by swelling, tremors, cramps, numbness. Possible underdevelopment of the uterus, the bends of which cause, during a contraction during menstruation, pain extending through the spine to the lower extremities.

It is likely that the pain in the legs will increase when the child-bearing age is reached, in particular due to the divergence of the pelvic bones after childbirth, dislocation of the vertebrae, the presence of scars after cesarean. As a consequence, disorders in the nervous regulation of the legs occur, pain, numbness, and swelling appear. Pathologies in some systems (sexual or urinary) can also cause serious discomfort. Why else during menstruation hurts feet? Significantly increase the load on the legs and provoke pain, being in the upright position of the body for a long time, sedentary work or a sedentary lifestyle.

After fifty years, the woman’s ability to conceive is gradually lost. Monthly pass irregularly. It happens that all the symptoms of PMS are present, including pain in the joints and legs, and there is no discharge during menstruation. Or, on the contrary, monthly begin without the slightest signs inherent in this process. During menopause, the blood circulation of the legs decreases, discomfort and discomfort appear.

What could be the consequences

Leg pain should not be taken lightly, because, as a sign of PMS, they are also symptoms of the development of a number of dangerous diseases of the spine, joints, small pelvis, gynecological, neurological and oncological diseases. If your legs ache during menstruation, the doctor recommends the following examinations:

  1. KLA and biochemistry,
  2. Ultrasound,
  3. hysteroscopy
  4. MRI,
  5. laparoscopy
  6. examination of veins and nerves.

You should also visit an endocrinologist, a neurologist, a traumatologist. Only after the tests have been carried out can the true cause of pain in the lower limbs be established, the necessary therapy can be chosen to help prevent the development of other serious diseases. Any discomfort in the legs should not be ignored.

It must be remembered that any treatment must necessarily be coordinated with the doctor, self-treatment can lead to serious consequences. It may be necessary to consult a gynecologist, neurologist, traumatologist, or oncologist to determine the correct therapy.

If you have sore legs during your period, the doctor may prescribe medication, which involves taking sedatives, hormonal drugs, multivitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

With aching pain in the legs, the doctor prescribes Diclofenac, Menalgin, Ketoprofen. Menalgin, being a natural drug, according to numerous reviews of patients, reduces not only pain, but has a calming and relaxing effect, without irritating the gastrointestinal tract.

What to do at home to alleviate the pain in the legs during menstruation? Traditional medicine offers a number of recipes that act no worse than medicines:

  • drink more fluid
  • prepare decoctions of painkillers fees herbs, which you can buy at the pharmacy and drink on an empty stomach, like tea,
  • It is useful to take teas from calming charges,
  • add mint, chamomile or lemon balm to ordinary tea, which will cope with pain and inflammations, which are often syndromes, as the cause of pain,
  • prepare infusions of bark of viburnum, oregano, raspberry, valerian,
  • do a foot massage
  • use baths and baths with extracts of pine needles, aromatic oils.

Неплохие результаты по уменьшению болей ног при варикозном расширении вен дает компрессионное белье или наложение эластичных бинтов. Бинты следует накладывать мягко, без передавливания кожи. Начинать нужно от пальцев, заканчивая бедренной серединой. When applying the bandage, keep your feet in a raised position at an angle of inclination of approximately 30 °.


In adolescence, girls begin active growth of the muscular and skeletal system. There is an active production of hormones. Due to the fact that the growth of blood vessels and nerves is slower than the growth of the skeleton, girls start aching pain in the lower limbs. A particularly clear manifestation of pain occurs during periods of menstruation with the contraction of the uterus.

If there is a nagging pain in the legs of girls under 16 years old, this is a normal phenomenon for an incompletely formed organism. Pain in the legs may be accompanied by numbness, pain in the lower abdomen, which gives to the legs and lower back. After the girls have a regular menstrual cycle and hormonal stabilization, the pain in the legs during menstruation no longer occurs.

It is possible to alleviate the condition of adolescent girls with the establishment of proper nutrition, daily regimen, physical activity according to age. Hormonal instability and mood swings will help stabilize yoga for teens.

Often with such discomfort faced by women aged 25 to 45 years. Causes of pain in the legs during menstruation may be different. Conditions in which there is pain in the legs during menstruation in women:

  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which occurs as a result of fluctuations in hormonal levels. Symptoms of PMS are individual for each woman.
  • Possible fluid retention in the body, and as a result of swelling and pain in the legs.
  • Gynecological diseases: endometriosis, myoma, algomenorrhea, inflammatory diseases such as adnexitis and endometritis. They often go unnoticed by women, but they affect the pelvic organs, thereby causing additional discomfort in the ICP.
  • Surgery in the past can have an irritating effect on the nerve endings of the pelvic organs and lower extremities. The presence of scars, adhesions affects the blood supply, which increases with menstruation, and this is the main factor why the legs hurt during menstruation.
  • Back problems. In osteochondrosis of the lower part of the skeleton, the blood supply is disturbed, which is especially noticeable during menstruation. A woman feels that her legs hurt before menstruation, discomfort can be in the joints and hips. This is caused by irritation of the nerves due to pathology in the lower spine.

With menopause

Why does the loin and legs hurt during menstruation after 45? In women of mature age, the hormonal balance of the body is disturbed during menopause, and many functions are inhibited. Frequent occurrence of heaviness in the legs and pain in the joints during menstruation.

This is due to the presence in adulthood of many diseases, the manifestation of which increases in the premenstrual period. Perhaps the appearance of cramps in the legs, swelling, pain in the joints of the lower extremities. At the age of about 50 years, women experience changes in cartilage tissue, loss of calcium. Especially obvious manifestations in women leading passive physical activity.

The discomfort in the lower limbs, which manifests itself every month, causes a lot of concern to the representatives of the weaker sex. Mood jumps, poor health, which accompanies PMS, pass as soon as menstruation ends. There are several ways to help reduce unpleasant symptoms and to distract from this ailment.

  • Active lifestyle, regular walks in the fresh air,
  • If the joints ache during menstruation, then exercise by age will help.
  • To strengthen the muscles of the lower limbs and maintain the work of the joints use special exercises.
  • Massage. It is recommended to conduct a course of massage every half year, it will help to establish a blood supply in the lower extremities and reduce pain in the legs during menstruation.
  • Avoid uncomfortable shoes, especially with high heels, it creates an additional burden on the legs.
  • Yoga. An indispensable tool for women of any age. Helps to stabilize the hormonal balance in the body, improves physical and mental state.

As a rule, the causes of pain in the legs during menstruation are due to changes in the hormonal background in women, which passes on its own. If the pain is intense, it causes severe discomfort, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist. Perhaps we are talking about the exacerbation of diseases of the spine, pelvic organs, joints, gynecological diseases. Any discomfort in the body can not be ignored.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website

The peculiarity of this is that I always get sick before and during the first 3 - ***** days. Sore muscles and very deep, I tell everyone that the bones ache))

One week before the start and three days later, after the start. And I put the stars))

The peculiarity of this is that I always get sick before and during the first 3 - ***** days. Sore muscles and very deep, I tell everyone that the bones ache))

I also had terrible logs during my monthly periods .. probably nothing terrible about it) is generally my sign of menstruation

I do not relieve magnesium pain, and the author can and will help

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Well, you're not a robot. It happens differently. My chest almost never swells before menstruation, but once a year it can be like that. I know from the aching bones that the beginning is soon. And how old are you?

I have not been ill before, but the last two years have begun to hurt.

Well, you're not a robot. It happens differently. My chest almost never swells before menstruation, but once a year it can be like that. I know from the aching bones that the beginning is soon. And how old are you?

I don’t drink anything at all for 17 years already, no OK, but they both hurt and hurt. In general, you need to ask your doctor the norm or not. Here I have 20 years so nothing changes, I believe that this is the norm for me.

And I almost as much. I noticed that I started this at the age of 16, my legs hurt, it still continues, probably it will all end only with the advent of menopause.

But if I do not hurt during menstruation, or my fingers twitch on my feet, then I drink magnesium.

I and 10 days before the onset of menstrual legs reduces at night. Also as a sign of approaching menstruation. Well, on the first day of menstruation at all terribly sick feet.

And I almost as much. I noticed that I started this at the age of 16, my legs hurt, it still continues, probably it will all end only with the advent of menopause.

Oh, with menopause even more problems will be. Even scary to think.
But no one has escaped him yet))

Oh, with menopause even more problems will be. Even scary to think. But no one has escaped him yet))

swelling, varicose veins, blood vessels, pressure - a lot of things ((((

This is yes. But there are only tides that stand when the body burns like that. And heavy sweating.
Medicine does not stand still, something is invented and continue to invent)

swelling, varicose veins, blood vessels, pressure - a lot of things ((((

Here you would not believe it, but the men, too, and blood vessels, and pressure, and varicose veins, and edema))

Oh, with menopause even more problems will be. Even scary to think. But no one has escaped him yet))

Sick, pulling so a couple of days. When I started to accept it, these symptoms disappeared.

The same nonsense. In front of where the thighs were pulling pain, it began by the way after a short (3 month) reception of Yarina. I read that the ovaries usually give a pulling pain at the top of the legs, so the girls poison us with these hormones, as it turns out.

I naguglita cho it is. this is due to spasms during menstruation and the doctors do not really know why and why this happens, but the people have it and has nothing to worry about.

This bones hurt.

Maybe it happens because during menstruation we lose a lot of blood.

I naguglita cho it is. this is due to spasms during menstruation and the doctors do not really know why and why this happens, but the people have it and has nothing to worry about.

I am 33 years old, gave birth twice, here in the last 6 months my legs also began to hurt, at the same time two, my knees ache, the bones, and pain relieving does not help at all, you have to get to the dentist, sometimes you feel like it, you want to cry

I am 33 years old, gave birth twice, here in the last 6 months my legs also began to hurt, at the same time two, my knees ache, the bones, and pain relieving does not help at all, you have to get to the dentist, sometimes you feel like it, you want to cry

I've always had such terrible pains. From the very first day of menstruation. Lay down, stomach, waist, legs soooo pulls that without a pill can not survive just. Once decided to endure, so I tear then start. In the LCD said all my life to painkillers. But I still have duphaston helps. Once you drink these pills, and about half a year there is no such pain. Then it starts again.

Who is the same?
What to do?
I have 4 days, leg muscles above the knee are very sore (((

I am 43 years old, and my legs began to ache above the knees during menstruation. My stomach hurts so that I don’t want to live, my legs are still there. I can not sit, I can not lie. This is some kind of hell, every month!

Who is the same?
What to do?
I have 4 days, leg muscles above the knee are very sore (((

I am 19 years old, B was not. On the first day of menstruation, he terribly puts his legs together, and in the following days is tolerable. But I had a broken leg, and my right leg (broken) is stronger than the left.

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Adolescent problems

In girls aged 12 to 16 years are observed:

  • hormonal changes,
  • muscle restructuring,
  • intensive skeletal growth.

This should prepare their body for the realization of reproductive function. However, underdeveloped nervous and circulatory systems cause circulatory disorders of certain parts of the body, their numbness, as well as the appearance of edema and pain in the respective areas.

If this girl has to deal with great physical exertionthen the occurrence of pain in the legs is almost inevitable. Unpleasant sensations become especially strong before the onset of menstrual bleeding.

But also the cause of pain in the legs at this age can be underdevelopment of the uterus and the presence of bends in it. With the reduction of an abnormally developed organ, the pain signal is sent to the spine and radiates to the lower extremities.

Problems in women of childbearing age

In women who are in the reproductive period, the occurrence of pain in the legs before the onset of menstrual bleeding is usually associated with five main reasons:

  1. Hormonal imbalance.

Often this leads to fluid retention in the body and the appearance of edema. In this case, a similar symptom is accompanied by arching pain. The most susceptible to them are women who have an elevated content of prostaglandins and estrogens in the blood.

  1. The presence of gynecological diseases.

The development of an acute infectious or inflammatory process is optional. Often the disease is chronic and proceeds hidden. Most often we are talking about the presence of fibroids, algomenorrhea, endometriosis or other ailments that can affect the entire body.

  1. Pathology of the spine.

In this case, the pain syndrome that encompasses the lower limbs is only the result of sensations radiating from the spine and increasing during PMS.

  1. Previously performed operations.

It does not matter how long and in what part of the body the surgical intervention was carried out, since the increased work of the uterus stimulates the blood flow in the body and makes all pain sensations obvious.

The birth of a child can be accompanied by a number of complications, including the divergence of the pelvic bones, displacement of the vertebrae, the appearance of scars as a result of cesarean section. These injuries lead to a violation of the integrity of the nervous regulation of the lower extremities. As a result, the woman feels numb and painful. And the appearance of edema is also possible.

In rare cases, the occurrence of pain syndrome is associated with pathologies of the urinary system or prolonged standing on the legs.

Possible complications in the premenopausal period

The onset of menopause, during which the woman loses the ability to bear children, is preceded by the premenopausal stage. During this period, menstruation is still continuing, but they cease to be regular due to changes in the hormonal background of the woman.

During this period, the symptoms observed during menstruation or with PMS become more pronounced. Besides, hormonal imbalance destabilizes the work of almost all organs. As a result, the level of elastin in cartilage tissues decreases markedly, leaching of bone calcium occurs. The natural consequence of such changes is the occurrence of cramps and the appearance of numbness and pain in the legs.

Diseases as the cause

Discomfort in the lower limbs can be considered as a symptom of several different types of pathologies. They are detected not only during the ICP, but also before the onset of this period. However, just before the onset of menstruation, the fact of the presence of pathology becomes the most obvious.

How to eliminate the disease

To find the right way to get rid of this feature with PMS, you should definitely consult a specialist. It is desirable that this was a gynecologist. He will be able to inspect the reproductive organs of a woman, assess their condition and, if necessary, refer him for examination to a doctor of a different profile.

Depending on the type of disease detected, the decision on the appointment of a course of therapy will be made jointly with an oncologist, a traumatologist, a vascular surgeon or a neurologist.


To relieve pain during menstruation, medicines of natural origin are used (for example, Menalgin). They act in several directions at once, and not only relieve pain, but also relieve excessive irritability, relieve spasms and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

And you can also support treatment. taking vitamin and mineral complexes, hormonal contraceptives and analgesics (after consulting with a specialist).

If the problem is not only painful sensations, but also the presence of the accompanying pathology that caused them, then the patient will be prescribed medications that will help eliminate the identified disease.

Folk remedies

A woman who decides to get rid of leg pain with alternative medicine will need to change her overall lifestyle.

More time needed walking. Approximately every 1.5 hours of sitting, you should warm up for 10-15 minutes.

With the next bout of pain, the leg should be bandaged. fresh cabbage leaves (pre-wring them slightly). This will help not only reduce the severity of discomfort, but also reduce swelling.

It is recommended to take celery juice 1 tbsp. l per day. The duration of such therapy should be about 30 days. This is followed by a similar duration break.

To improve overall well-being, you can drink tea with melissa. To cook it, you need to pour 1 tsp. crushed raw material with a glass of water and let it brew.


Pain and other discomfort in the legs during menstruation is not the most pleasant thing. Therefore, to alleviate the condition and prevent the occurrence of such problems in the future, it is imperative to find out what caused the occurrence of the disease and, if necessary, undergo a course of therapy prescribed by a doctor.

Where does the pain in adolescents

In young adolescent girls, the amount of hormones is increased, and the growth of bones and muscles is not yet complete. Although the teenage girl begins her period, her body has not yet prepared for the full-fledged work of the reproductive system.

Since all the mechanisms have not yet been completely formed, there are problems with blood supply. As a result, the nerve endings of the pelvis and legs become more sensitive. Due to the fact that the adolescent body is not fully formed, the pain may begin a few days before menstruation.

If a girl at the age of no more than 13–15 years old pulls her legs before the month, then this is a completely natural reaction of an incompletely formed organism.Such pains before and during critical days usually manifest as follows:

  • the pectoral muscles with the spine hurt, and the pain gradually passes to the legs,
  • pain in the lower abdomen is given to the lower limbs and the sacrum,
  • legs start to ache and a hyperhidrosis of the feet appears
  • numbness of the legs is possible.

All these symptoms are natural and should disappear in time.

As soon as a regular menstrual cycle is established, the pain should become less or completely disappear.

Do not forget that in adolescents the skeleton is still growing. Sometimes the muscles and bones of the legs grow so fast that the vascular system does not keep pace with the whole process. Before menstruation blood rushes to the pelvis. It turns out that there is not enough blood supply for the legs, because it is also deteriorating due to menstruation. In this situation, not only the legs hurt before the menstrual period, they start to go numb.

Because of the excess hormones in girls, the central nervous system is overstimulated. Because of this, stress is transmitted to all parts of the body. In such a situation, not only the legs usually hurt, but there is also general discomfort in other parts of the body.

Possible complications during menopause

Menopause occurs in every woman of mature age. Immediately before the menopause, a period of so-called premenopause passes. During this period, the woman still has periods, but the body begins to change, and they become irregular, and the hormonal balance is also disturbed.

It is during premenopausal periods that menstruation is felt as much as ever. Reducing the number of sex hormones not only affects the nature of menstruation, but also affects other organs.

There is a decrease in elastin in cartilage compounds, as well as leaching of calcium from the bones. It is not surprising that in such a situation the legs ache before menstruation. Moreover, there is not only pain in the legs, but numbness and seizures can also occur.

Since we are talking about premenopause, the constant hormone surges and the onset of aging will be aggravating factors.

Aggravating factors

Regardless of age, there are a number of situations that increase the risk of the occurrence or exacerbation of a problem. These risk factors include:

  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • tumors
  • diabetes,
  • arthritis,
  • avitaminosis,
  • osteochondrosis,
  • infringement of nerve endings.

In fact, this list may be much larger, but each of these factors has a different degree of influence, which depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Only a specialist will be able to determine why the legs hurt before menstruation. There may be several reasons for the problem.

What to do with pain

It is difficult to deal with pain, not knowing about the causes of its occurrence. If it is a matter of the body’s natural response to menstruation, then it is extremely difficult to undertake anything. If the problem is caused by pathology, then a qualified doctor must find it.

Anesthetic drugs should be resorted to in extreme cases, and the doctor should prescribe them. Although cases of severe pain in the legs are extremely rare. At least, you can always endure it.

There are a number of simple recommendations that will help reduce pain.

  1. Do a foot massage. This procedure can be performed independently.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes. Stiletto heels are best not to wear until the pain passes.
  3. Strengthen your leg muscles. To do this, there are a number of simple exercises.
  4. Take contrast foot baths. If you have heart problems, then it is better to ignore this recommendation.

Regardless of age, you can implement the above tips. If the problem repeats each cycle, the pain intensifies or causes excessive discomfort, it is best to consult a doctor.

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Causes of pain in adolescents

In adolescence in the girl's body there are big changes, this is due to the restructuring of hormones. The aching pain in the legs that spreads to the joints and muscles at this age appears for several reasons:

  • The skeleton is lengthened, muscles grow. During puberty, growth occurs so quickly that the vascular system cannot keep up with them. As a result of the discrepancy between the biological age and the functionality of the reproductive system, there is insufficient blood supply and irritation of the nerve endings. This is the cause of pain in the legs.
  • When menstruation occurs in adolescents aged 13-15, there may be pain in the mammary glands, in the lower abdomen, in the spine, which are often given to the legs and the sacrum. Increased sweating, weakness in the muscles of the legs, as well as their numbness can feel both adolescents and women in the reproductive period.

  • Another reason why the legs hurt before the menstrual period is algodysmenorrhea. This is a pathology where the main pain point is concentrated in the center of the uterus. First, the aching pain in the lower abdomen is felt, then it spreads to the back and hips. Algodmenmenorrhea is a disease that causes painful menstrual pain that is difficult to eliminate.

Pain in the legs in the premenstrual period in adolescents in most cases, by themselves, when hormonal balance improves. However, a measured and quiet life, adequate nutrition and moderate exercise will help to quickly get rid of an unpleasant symptom.

Leg pain in the reproductive period

Many women experience painful sensations in their legs already at a rather mature age. It would seem that from whence pain arises in the lower extremities at that age, the hormonal system must be smoothly functioning.

In addition, all reproductive organs have reached their development and different parts of the body should no longer conflict with each other, as happens in adolescence. But still the female body is not so simple. And in the childbearing age, women may also be tormented by painful sensations in the legs.

This happens for the following reasons:

  • The reason why the legs hurt during menstruation in women can be difficult delivery or cesarean section. Discomfort may occur before, in the midst and after menstruation. This is due to the fact that after the birth of the child, the pelvic bones do not always return to their original position. As a result, microcirculation in blood vessels changes. Some women also note that menstruation after childbirth is accompanied by drawing back pains. This is due to sprains or dislocations of the ligaments, which cause pain or numbness in the legs.
  • The cause of unpleasant sensations in the legs during menstruation can be spinal injuries, as well as abdominal surgery. Such conditions are capable of causing the patient to impair blood circulation in the vessels, as well as disruption of the nerve bundles. As a result of this, thrombosis and adhesions are formed, which negatively affect the menstrual cycle.

Pain in the legs during menopause

The period of menopause is also unstable and changeable, like teenage. Only here is the extinction of many functions. Accordingly, this is all reflected in the legs in the form of heaviness, puffiness and painful sensations that increase during rare menses.

The causes of pain in the legs during menopause may be the same as in the reproductive age. But new ones are added to them:

  • Jumping hormones. This feature is more characteristic of premenopause. The woman does not lose the feeling that the menstruation should begin soon. This is all aggravated by engorgement of the mammary glands, headache, and unpleasant sensations in the abdomen. Such symptoms may be present for a very long time, they also add to the legs.
  • Pathologies that appear as a result of aging. This list of diseases can be listed for a very long time, starting from gynecological problems and ending with oncology. Diseases such as osteochondrosis, vertebral hernia, thrombophlebitis and others lead to the fact that in the legs appear painful sensations. In most cases, this symptom is tolerated by women who, with age, begin to lead a passive lifestyle and refuse to take medications for easier menopause.

Pain in the legs during PMS is systematic and can be the result of a serious illness. Therefore, when the first manifestations of discomfort in the lower extremities should consult a doctor.