How to use tampons


Why are tampons? After all, usually parents and doctors recommend young girls to use pads, citing a lot of reasons.

But after a while, they still show an interest in tampons and are not too eager to return to conventional pads, trying them in action. Tampons (using them incredibly comfortably) make it possible to completely forget about critical days for a while. Perhaps everyone is familiar with such an unpleasant situation when the gasket “slides” sideways, as a result of which there is a stain on the clothes. This can happen at any time and greatly spoil not only the dress, but also the mood. In addition, gaskets can rub sensitive skin, and flavored versions can provoke an allergic reaction. In addition, they quickly begin to smell unpleasantly, few women want to think about whether the interlocutor will notice that she has critical days.

Why do you need tampons and why many ladies prefer these particular products? The use of gaskets can lead to disruption of the vaginal microflora. This is due to the so-called "greenhouse effect", because they are made of synthetic, not breathing material, and therefore the contact areas overheat. Even if you do not want to completely abandon the usual means of hygiene, remember that unusual situations - that's why you need tampons. After all, you are unlikely to decide to go to the sea or pool on critical days without this little thing. The use of tampons helps to make an active pastime, for example, going to the gym or hiking more comfortable.

What are tampons? There are tampons with and without applicator. The latter are more compact, but their use is not always convenient. If you still choose this type, remember about hygiene. Tampons with an applicator are less demanding on the conditions of use, because your hands do not touch the body, and the length of the applicator is optimal for insertion, that is, you do not have to think whether you entered it deep enough.

The only negative is that they can not be left in the vagina for more than 3-4 hours. Why are tampons needed if they cannot be used at night? Indeed, it is necessary to proceed here from considerations of expediency. At night, it is easier to use a gasket, and even possible leaks will not be so frustrating as if it happened on the street or in the office. In addition, in some situations the use of tampons is contraindicated. For example, after childbirth, gynecological surgery or procedures, for inflammation of the cervix or thrush. Many women are frightened by the insignificant, but still present risk of developing toxic shock syndrome. This is a condition caused by the entry of toxins from bacteria through micro-injuries of the mucous membrane to the blood, and it can be fatal. The disease is manifested by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, convulsions, fainting. At the first symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. But such a state, of course, will not come if the tampons are changed in time.

Perhaps you decide not to even try, preferring time-tested, although not so convenient, gaskets. Weigh the pros and cons and choose!

Types of tampons and the basic principles of their application

Typically, tampons are divided on several grounds. You can classify them by manufacturers, by the material from which they are made.

But the most practical classification options are the following:

  • Tampons are divided according to their size,
  • Also, they can be classified depending on the amount of discharge that they are able to absorb. On the packaging, this is usually denoted by droplets: if it shows one or two droplets, then it means that the product is designed for girls with scanty menstrual secretions. Three to four droplets allow the use of a tampon with sufficiently heavy periods,
  • Tampons differ in their design. There are two variations of it: with a special applicator that facilitates the insertion of a tampon, or without it.

To start answering the question of how to properly use tampons, you must first look at the package and from the information on it to find out whether the intimate hygiene product is equipped with an applicator or not. Different instructions for use have been developed for these two subspecies of tampons. Consider this question in more detail.

Important: if you decide to try tampons for the first time, then we advise you to purchase tampons with an applicator. They are more simple and easy to use.

Rules for using tampons with an applicator

First of all, you should start with the fact that when using any type of tampons, it is imperative to follow the simplest rules of personal hygiene.

It should be carefully washed hands, as well as wash. Next, do the following:

  • Take a comfortable position that will allow you to relax the most. Which position it will be is not so important, since it is individual for each girl. The main thing is to relax the muscles of the vagina so that they do not create obstacles to the establishment of a tampon,
  • Hold the swab applicator with your thumb and middle finger. This is worth doing at the point where the applicator narrows,
  • Carefully install the wide side of the applicator at the entrance to the vagina,
  • After that, slowly push it in to the level of your fingers,
  • Use the index finger to point the swab inside the vagina. After that, the applicator must be carefully pulled out.

With such an introduction, the tampon is set to the desired depth, which does not allow it to spontaneously fly out again. It is imperative to ensure that the thread remains on the surface. It is she who will subsequently provide easy extraction of the tampon.

Features of the introduction of tampons without applicator

On sale you can find those tampons that are not equipped with special applicators. They are somewhat more difficult to use.

In order to properly install such a tampon, follow these instructions:

  • Free the hygiene product from the protective film and take it at the base with your thumb and index finger,
  • Place the tampon at the entrance to the vagina,
  • Using the middle finger, push it in the entire length of your finger. It is at this depth that the tampon should be located. If there are any difficulties, try changing the tampon angle slightly,
  • The thread should stay outside.

If you do not quite understand how to properly use tampons, you can watch the video. At the moment, you can freely find these videos in large quantities. They are all shown in a more visual form.

Many are wondering how to properly use tampons for girls who are not sexually active. So, there are no special rules. Just need to pick up a small tampons.

Chinese herbal tampons and features of their use

So-called Chinese herbal tampons are becoming increasingly popular these days. This remedy is not inherently hygienic. Apply them for medicinal purposes. On the Internet you can find a large number of different instructions on how to use Chinese tampons.

They are introduced in the same way as hygienic ones. The difference lies only in the time of their application. If a hygienic tampon should be removed after a maximum of six hours of use and replaced with a new one, then the Chinese one is set for a period of three days. It is forbidden to use Chinese tampons during menstruation.

See more about using Chinese tampons:


It is possible to understand whether a tampon is properly installed according to personal feelings. If you did everything right, then you will not feel it inside you. If you feel, then it is installed incorrectly and there is a risk of its loss. In this situation, you want to shove it deeper. It is not recommended to use tampons at night. For this time of day, prefer gaskets.