What are the manifestations of male menses


Critical days have always been the "privilege" of women. Someone considered them a weakness of the fair sex, and someone - on the contrary, force. One way or another, menstruations symbolize the ability of a woman to produce offspring, and their special periodicity is the ability to have a permanent sex life. On the other hand, men are also involved in childbirth and can make intimate contact throughout the year. It used to be thought that they owed this exclusively to the female body - or rather, menstruation - but in fact, this is not entirely true. There are special "monthly" in men.

Is there any difference?

The solution to this riddle lies in the structure of the human body. With the exception of sexual characteristics, men and women are absolutely identical. That is, there is no such organ in the body of a lady who could not be found - at least in some form - with her gentleman. Of course, if we set ourselves the task of finding the uterus, vagina or ovaries of men, this idea will not succeed - otherwise the notorious reward to the man who gave birth to the child would have been handed more than once - but "analogs" of the female genitals representatives of the strong half of humanity. And so it would be logical to assume that the monthly for the guys are as possible as their friends.

Is it really true?

To deal with this sensitive issue, it is necessary to clarify the very essence of menstruation. It represents a "miscarriage" of a dead egg, accompanied by bleeding.

But this is not important. Much more important is the reason for this process, which explains its cyclicity, namely, the hormonal surge. If the stronger sex has organs similar to the female, then there is the production of hormones that are close in action. This means that menstruation is possible for men!

Why does nobody notice this?

Of course, one should not expect that young people will bleed from a causal place every month, and they will run to the nearest store for hygiene products. Since the reproduction of an egg is indeed a female privilege, the male body has nothing to throw away, and therefore there is no discharge. That is why in this article the concepts of "menstruation in men" and "menstruation in women" are separated.

So what's the truth?

Yes, there is no wonder and confused. Let's try to figure it out. The so-called "monthly" in men are purely emotional. That is, they, like women, have a hormonal cycle. And hormones, as is known, affect the general state of health and mood.

Therefore, men have menstrual periods, but it is not so easy to notice them - for the stronger sex just about once every 28-30 days the mood worsens, everything starts to fall out of hand, the working capacity falls. That's all!

Do all men suffer from "this"?

Such processes in the body of the representatives of the stronger sex - not at all speculation, but a medical fact. And they happen to everyone, just some people may be invisible. Exactly the same can be seen in women: someone gets depressed, suffers pain and does not get out of bed, and someone retains the same vitality and ability to work. Each organism is individual, and therefore the same processes are perceived by different people in completely different ways!

Is there a difference?

At first glance, the structure of the body of girls and boys, which means women and men, is absolutely the same, all the organs are identical. But, in fact, everything is much more complicated. Anatomy of the body, physiology of the whole organism, psychology, and, of course, sexual characteristics are different. But, the penis is the same clitoris, the testicles in women are represented by the ovaries, the womb hiding behind the prostate gland, in women is the main genital organ - the uterus. If the boys had the uterus, vagina and ovaries in the same form, then menstruation, as well as the possibility of conception, would be normal. Although these bodies are absent, but there are their analogues, so it can be assumed that once a month, at a certain time, boys have the same sensations as girls.

With age, major changes occur in the boys' body, vegetation appears on the body, the voice timbre changes, sweating increases, and interest in girls appears. It is from this period that the young men begin to feel something similar to PMS.

In fact, it is not, more precisely, not quite. The fact is that menstruation is a way out of a dead, or unfertilized egg, this process is accompanied by bleeding. As a rule, this happens after a certain time, after 28, 30 or even after 35 days. It all depends on the age of the girl, her state of health, lifestyle, etc. At this time, a surge of hormones occurs, and this, as it turns out, occurs not only in men, but also in women. That is why, in theory, menstruation in a male is a normal process. But this is only theoretically, what is actually happening?

What's the matter?

Are there menstruation periods for men? We have already given an affirmative answer to this question. As you can see, this is not a figment of inflamed imagination. A fact proven by science. Now let's talk about what's really going on? No, we will not describe the shocking details that happen to men once in a hundred years. This is not and can not be. Fortunately, the gallant gentlemen are not flooded, but, believe me, at a certain time they experience the same indisposition, weakness and unpleasant sensations in the whole body. Ejection of the egg does not occur, and therefore, the appearance of discharge is excluded. Therefore, we use the term not “menstruation”, but “monthly”.

In boys and adolescents, aggressiveness towards everyone around them appears, a calm child can become aggressive, tearful, nervous. They are ready to blame the whole world for their failures, they are not rarely rude and commit rash acts.

At a certain time, men also experience changes in the hormonal background, they become insecure, inattentive, irritated and touchy. There is a breakdown, deteriorating mood. They become indifferent to the representatives of the weaker sex, commit rash acts, get tired quickly, memory and attention deteriorate. It happens at the same time as in women, once in 28, 30, less often - once in 35 days.

This is a fact proven by medicine, and not an attempt to justify the male sluggishness, laziness or desire to retire. But let's not forget that each organism has its own unique features. Like women, they behave differently at this time, and men - some do not pay attention to it, while for others “these days” become a test of endurance.

We will be tolerant

Changes in hormonal levels affect the work of all organs and systems. If you cut your finger, stopping the blood will not be easy, and this is just one of many examples. When a man returns to his former state, memory and attention will improve, a guarantee of vivacity will appear, you will again become energetic and attractive.

Try to cope with your emotions without someone's support, hysterical antics are not the best decoration for a man.

If PMS is reflected in sexual attraction, especially often in young men, this is not a cause for concern. Sexual function will be restored after the end of critical days.

What are our years ...

The aging of the body of men, like women, is manifested not only by external changes. Irreversible processes also occur in the genital area, neurological disorders occur, and potency decreases. As a result, the possibility of conceiving a child is becoming less and less. Menopausal changes in men occur mainly at the psychological level. Quarrels with superiors and colleagues at work, a crisis in family relations, not a close understanding, it all turns a once-confident man into a weak, depressed creature, for whom every day does not promise anything new. How important it is these days to feel the understanding and support of a loved one, the care of children, just attention and love.

And, finally, not unimportant advice to men - remember that you should monitor your state of health, and if you feel unwell, have an emotional outburst or other behavior change for more than two days, consult a doctor, it may be worthwhile to take a blood test for hormones. Control your health, your feelings and emotions, and stay confident and attractive to others for as long as possible.


Male and female gender are significantly different. The representatives of the strong half of humanity do not have a uterus, ovaries and vagina, therefore, they cannot have a source of bleeding. But all this is not just. As you know, the pain threshold for women is much higher and they can tolerate pain not only during menstruation, while performing normal actions, but also during childbirth. Many doctors say that if men gave birth, many would simply die from a painful shock.

It has long been proven that guys have no menopause, respectively, and menstruation. However, this is not yet fully understood, so that among the representatives of the stronger sex this period can pass, only without visible changes and disturbances in the body. Climax in women, as a rule, manifests itself in the completion of menstruation, atrophy of the external genitalia, hormonal changes, atrophy of the uterus and mammary glands, changes in the contours of the body and voice. While men may have problems with the work of the nervous system and potency.

It turns out that menstruation periods occur only in the form that women have. From the very first days, the embryo will equally inherit sex cells from the mother and father. But both designers can be replaced by one another, since both a man and a woman have the beginnings of a male sexual organ. Only in the representatives of the stronger sex this organ is clearly expressed, developed and decorated in the penis, and in women this organ can be considered the clitoris. That he is the germ of male "dignity." You also need to know that the prostate gland of men contains a small formation, which is called the uterus - this is the prototype of the female uterus.

Indeed, from an anatomical point of view, a man has a complete set of female organs, they are just in their infancy. In women, menstruation controls the possibility of conception, providing for this several days a month, whereas a man can “copulate” at any time and every ejaculation is more likely to conceive.

How are the "monthly" in men

Day “X” in men usually comes when their emotional background is at the peak of excitability and they are very unrestrained. This is the monthly, but not in the literal sense of the word, but in the figurative. On “critical days,” a young man may be aggressive towards his comrades, relatives and animals. They cannot even explain their behavior to themselves. Older boys find it hard to control their emotions. They lose the desire to play sports, nothing comes out of the plan, and they tend to blame everyone around them. If this behavior is repeated once a month, these are the “monthly” emotional days.

Older men on such days of the cycle are not collected, scattered and gloomy. They quickly come tired and sleepy. Sometimes even sexual desire is lost, which is associated with hormonal changes that occur in cycles in the body of men.

Biographers noted that the "menstruation" met among the famous male representatives. For example, Napoleon went into hysterics every month, complained of abdominal pain and was feeling unwell. It is also known that the office of Hitler led the "female" calendar of his boss. On such days they tried to avoid meeting him. Tantrums repeated every month, and the behavior was depressive.

Men on critical days, it is desirable to avoid cuts, because the blood at this time for a long time can not be stopped. Even a small wound can cause a lot of blood loss. During such a period it is better not to touch the men, later they will do the work much faster and better. After critical days, mood improves, depression goes away and pain disappears.

It is worth noting that "mental periods" are not dangerous for men. A biological individual is characterized by a certain cyclical nature or biorhythms, which are manifested in the psychological behavior of a man or a woman. Scientists say that the norm is 2-3 days in 30-45 days. When hormonal failure in the body of a man emotional outbursts can occur more often. It's all about the increased level of the female hormone. Estrogen inhibits the action of testosterone, men feel weakened, sharply gaining weight, problems with blood vessels appear. Menstruation for men is a periodic change in the hormonal composition, which affects the emotional background and physical health. Intellectual work contributes to a large manifestation of PMS in both women and men. And during physical work, minor ailments are much less common.

There is a perception that PMS affects the sexual needs of the male population. In young people, sexual activity is stable, hormones work on a daily basis, sexual ability does not depend on mood. With age, the connection of sexual biorhythms with the work of the endocrine system, nervous, emotional overload becomes more noticeable. The endocrine glands affect seasonal and cyclical changes in hormone levels, which are responsible for sexual desire and ability. The physical condition and emotional components strongly influence the sexual activity of the partner. There is already monitored the effect of menstruation on the attraction to the opposite sex. The male's sexual function is slightly weakened for 2-3 days, then everything returns to normal.

As you can see, the menstruation still have a certain rational meaning. You should not take this expression literally, but it is also necessary to know about it. This will help to understand your body much better, and also maintain your health for many years, because with knowledge about the structure of your body it is much easier to monitor your well-being.

Physiological factor

Gender of the unborn child is formed in the period of fetal development. After conception, the embryo has no sexual characteristics, but by the 15th to 18th week of gestation, the sex that is more developed is determined. This explains the fact that the male and female bodies, despite all the external differences, are very similar.

Male genital organs in one way or another are duplicated in women, and vice versa:

  1. For example, the main male organ is the penis, and its clitoral counterpart in the female body.
  2. Men also have testicles for the formation and maturation of zygotes, and ovaries for women.
  3. Practically the same functions that the female uterus performs in women are performed by the uterus, located near the prostate gland in the male body.

All these similarities indicate that the cycles that occur in the body of the weak half of humanity can also occur in men, but, admittedly, at a rudimentary level.

Female menstruation is the release of an egg that has not fertilized. This whole process is accompanied by abundant secretion of blood from the female genital organs, which are due to the fact that the follicles burst, releasing the egg, and the mucous layer in the uterus is separated. On the basis of this, it becomes clear that menstruations of the representatives of the stronger sex do not pass in the usual sense.

Psychological components

The main reason for the onset of menstruation in the weaker sex are hormone fluctuations. Therefore, if we take into account the fact that guys have the same organs as girls (the path is even at an embryonic level), and they are also engaged in the production of hormones, then the process itself called menstruation is possible for guys.

But this does not mean that blood is released from the penis during this period. It is more like female premenstrual syndrome. Menstruation in men is completely at the level of psychosomatics, emotions.

At the same time, this process is inherent in absolutely all strong representatives of mankind, but for all it manifests itself in different ways. For some, the menstrual period goes unnoticed, while others experience all the pleasures of PMS.

Symptoms of male menses

In the female cycle of menstruation a certain frequency is clearly spelled out, which is aimed at creating a favorable reproductive conditions in the woman's body. The same cyclical nature of the processes is observed in men, only it is needed for the maturation of sperm. During this period, a man can observe the following symptoms:

  • aggression without any weighty reason
  • distrust of others, even obsessive thoughts that everyone wants to deceive,
  • lack of attention and concentration
  • constant fatigue
  • drowsiness,
  • lack of sexual desire and sexual desire.

This is not the whole list of possible symptoms. These days, a man can fully experience all the symptoms of PMS. Some even feel pain in the lower abdomen and general weakness of the body.

During menstruation, the male body is most susceptible to viral and infectious diseases.

Когда цикл подходит к своему завершению, мужчины (так же как и женщины) испытывают невероятное буйство новых сил и с радостью принимаются за старые дела. Это связано с тем, что в период месячных происходит хорошая нервная разрядка, но в отличие от женщин, у которых в этот период происходит большой процесс оздоровления организма, на мужской организм месячные никак не влияют.

The easiest way to notice menstruation in boys.who have just embarked on the path of puberty. This can be explained by the fact that it is still difficult for them to control their emotional states, especially not having a specific reason. During the period of monthly teenager may be excessive aggression towards friends, relatives and even animals. There may also be apathy, abandonment of familiar activities, and absent-mindedness. If these symptoms are regular, then it is nothing but menstruation.

All these symptoms in men of reproductive age are due to a change in the hormonal background in the body, which nature has incorporated into the reproductive system of all living things. And representatives of the stronger sex are no exception.

Cycle features

As already described above, men have menstrual periods, but, unlike women, this period is slightly different for them. Instead of the usual 5-7 days for women, men’s critical days last only 2 to 4 days with a frequency of up to one and a half months. But it is worth noting that if this period lasts longer or more often, this may indicate serious hormonal problems and is a serious reason for a visit to the doctor.

Most guys do not suspect that the monthly decline of strength and depression in medicine are called monthly, and those who know - in every way deny it. therefore male critical days are much more difficult and cause more problems. Accepting this fact will make it much easier to postpone the menstruation period.

It is important to remember that male menstruation does not imply any uncharacteristic discharge. If one day a man saw blood in his sperm or on his underwear, then it has nothing to do with menstruation. Such a symptom may indicate some kind of injury or injury, and it is worth it to see a doctor so as not to start the treatment.

How to help a man

Women, as no one should understand the complexity of the flow of menstruation, so they can help strong representatives of mankind to cope with this trouble. Here are some tips to help overcome male menstruation:

  1. The main rule is to leave the guy alone.
  2. It is not necessary in this period to start new business, look for work, and so on.
  3. Try to avoid conflict situations. If the spouse himself provokes a scandal (which happens very often), it is better to try to smooth the situation by any means.
  4. Do not upload household chores. When the monthly pass, he will do everything much faster and several times more productive.

These tips will help not only to cope with incomprehensible symptoms, but also to preserve a healthy atmosphere in the family. But since externally menstrual periods in men do not manifest themselves in any way, a woman should know her man well to notice the regularity in his mood swings and understand that these are menstrual periods, and not just problems at work and other troubles that are in no way connected with physiology.