What dreamed of monthly?


What are your monthly dreams? The interpretation of menstruation in the dream book is contradictory. Some sources predict relief from past troubles, the beginning of something new. Others say there are serious health problems. What can prevent sleep with menstruation? The big difference is who dreamed of periods - a child, a woman or a man. If a woman dreams of it is quite normal, then for a man or a child, something unpredictable and out of the ordinary.

General interpretation of menstrual sleep

Menstruation is associated with something intimate, personal, special. Blood symbolizes vital energy, kinship. If you dreamed of heavy bleeding and severe blood loss, you need to prepare yourself for big troubles. This may be due to health, status, status in society or personal life. If the menstruation dreamed does not cause concern, you need to wait for a change, rejection of the old, new promising acquaintances and offers. Menstruation in the dream book does not take into account all the nuances that are present during sleep. And from them, in a greater degree, interpretation depends.

Good sleep with the presence of menstruation

Without getting out of bed, you must clearly remember all the details of the dream. Rate your feelings in a dream and in reality. If inside there is no anxiety, fear, then dreamed of menstruation for good. Then remember the surroundings of sleep. Who was there, where it all happened. These symbols can be used to determine in which area changes are coming.

Menstruation in the dream book is regarded as a warning about health problems. In some cases, the interpretation of sleep is absolutely the opposite. Monthly in a dream can dream a woman on the eve of menstruation. You just need to be ready for this, buy pads, tampons. Postpone rest on the river in the sauna, if such was planned. Menstruation dreamed announces the absence of pregnancy. Very often, the delay in menstruation makes women nervous about unwanted pregnancy. If you dreamed of blood, pregnancy or not, or it will break. If you dreamed of a monthly fleeting, the health of the woman is in perfect order. Everything goes on as usual. If the monthly dreamed of a pregnant woman on the eve of childbirth, the dream informs her that it is time to collect things at the maternity hospital.

Monthly can dream of a new interesting acquaintance, a romance, passion. If a woman is lonely, sleep with the blood of menstruation foreshadows a long-awaited meeting with a man. The event will turn the whole life. It is possible that he will be the second half. If you dreamed of menstruation in bed with a loved one, then it is time to reveal your secret sexual desires. It's time to implement them.

  1. Work and public

Menstruation, dreamed at the workplace, says about the changes in this area. Will offer increase, transition to a new post, new working conditions. What you expected and hoped that this would happen. If you had a monthly dream in a working environment, you can wait for a new employee who will become a friend or girlfriend. Strong periods in a dream foreshadow a change of bosses. This event will have a positive impact on the future.

Unfavorable sleep with menses

If after sleep, where there is blood, menstruation, anxiety, fear, disgust appears inside and it simply becomes uneasy, it is necessary to prepare for change for the worse.

  1. Health

Blood and monthly means a problem with the genitals, fatigue, lack of vital energy. A sleep where menstruation is present can warn of hidden diseases. It is necessary to pay attention to your health, if necessary, to visit specialists and undergo examination. If you dreamed a lot of bleeding during pregnancy - there is a threat of miscarriage. Contrary to the fact that some dream books foreshadow a happy birth and a healthy baby.

  1. Personal relationships

If you dreamed of monthly abundant, painful, parting with your loved one. If menstruation in a dream saw a man in a woman, convict her of treason. The situation foreshadows disappointment, betrayal, regret.

  1. Public life

Sleep with the blood of the month warns about intrigues, awkward situations, gossip, shame. Something will reveal what it was necessary to carefully hide. Disappointment in work, refusal in increase. There will be a situation that will change life, and from which it will take a long time to get out.

If you had a dream about menstruation, you need to be prepared for the change. And what they will be - good or bad, you need to look at the environment and sensations.

Remember what was in the dream

Before you figure out what dreams of blood, menstruation, etc., which is associated with the female menstrual cycle, it is useful to recall the details of a dream and take them into account.

Namely - how much blood was where it was, and even what kind of emotions you experienced in a dream. This is also extremely important. The most frequent options in a dream related to menstruation look like this:

  • They may be abundant or scanty.
  • Dreams that the monthly went unexpectedly.
  • Blood from the menstruation flows through the legs.
  • Monthly dreams of a pregnant woman.
  • In a dream, you accidentally soiled clothes or pieces of furniture with menstrual blood.
  • Saw feminine hygiene products in the blood.
  • Waiting for menstruation, but they are not.

These are the most frequent options, and each has its own value. As the dream book shows, menstruations often symbolize female strength, energy, and, accordingly, her loss. But a lot depends on the conditions of the dream.

Recall details

In general, menstruation is a necessary and inevitable phenomenon, so these dreams should not be frightened, although some values ​​may warn you about something unfavorable.

1. If in a dream you suddenly started having heavy periods, it means that there is probably some kind of threat of loss or loss in the future. And the speech, most likely, is not about something material.

Menstruation means strength and energy, which means there is a risk of either losing faith in recovery or in yourself. Or maybe you risk losing some kind of relationship, and this can break you greatly. This is a warning - be careful.

2. If in night dreams you notice that you have not just menstruation, but blood flows through your legs, this is a warning.

Some rash action, a wrong step on your part can directly lead to very negative, irreparable consequences for you. While there is time, consider whether it is possible to avoid the wrong step, and, accordingly, the bad consequences.

3. When menstruation is not in time - this is a great stress in reality. But if there is no menstruation in a dream, this is a sign that during a difficult situation, in troubles and problems, you will not have to rely on anyone.

For some reason, you will not be able to get help from anyone from your own family and native people. However, this is a chance to show one's own strength, independence, and maybe resort to the support of friends.

4. During pregnancy, a woman generally has special dreams, vivid, memorable and not always pleasant. If during a pregnancy in a dream you notice that suddenly you have started critical days - do not worry.

Do not be afraid of the fact that, according to dream books, menstruation is often a negative, warning sign. During pregnancy, it does not apply.

On the contrary, such a dream is a wonderful symbol, it promises future mother good health, all the time of pregnancy will be excellent, childbirth will be easy, and most importantly, the baby will be born into an absolutely healthy and strong toddler. So, for a future mommy, menstruation in a dream is an incredibly good, auspicious sign.

5. If, in your dreams, you not only dreamed of critical days, but also had the opportunity to stain clothes or furniture with this blood - this promises you some awkward reality, shame, revelation.

Perhaps your conscience is not completely clear, you conceal bad thoughts, and this will be revealed, and in the worst way for you. Think properly.

6. Not only unpleasant sensations are associated with menstruation in women, but also personal hygiene products. If they visited your dream, and even were full of menstrual blood - this is a hint that you are bustling your curious nose at all in your own business, do what you are not supposed to.

This is a direct warning from higher powers - do not meddle in someone else’s life, behave with dignity, otherwise the consequences can not be avoided.

These different dream books

In addition to the meanings of dreams, in which there are certain details, many dream books cite interpretations of such visions as a whole.

It is also worth paying attention to. Let's see what the monthly for dream about different dream books.

1. The dream of Miller asserts that to see in a dream menstrual blood, to lose it - this means that in reality you will have to sacrifice something. But the sacrifice, however, will not be empty.

2. Dream Vanga confidently says that if a woman sees her period in a dream, it means that in life she has committed (or soon risks to commit) a certain offense, a wrong step, and will regret about it later.

3. East Women's Dream Book simply advises how to take care of health. Because, according to this dream book, menstrual blood in a dream promises illness and energy loss for a woman.

4. The French dream book promises a meeting with relatives, but this meeting will be pleasant, or not so much, you can decide, remembering your feelings in a dream.

Remember that any dream should be interpreted based primarily on its nightly emotions and sensations. And if the dream was joyful, it can not be a bad sign!
Author: Vasilina Serova

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What did Menstruation dream about (interpretation of Astro Meridian's dream book)

Menstruation is a symbol of what you should pay attention to your reproductive health. Interpretation of sleep depends on what kind of events occurred in it.

  • If the monthly dream of a pregnant woman - this is an excellent sign, foreshadowing quick and trouble-free delivery.
  • And if you just see the menstruation, not knowing the date of their beginning and end, you should go through a full examination and go into rehabilitation. Your reproductive health is probably at risk due to chronic stress.
  • If you dreamed that your period began suddenly, putting you in an awkward position, then in reality you will have another awkward situation.
  • What are the monthly girlfriend dreams about - sleep indicates that you may have health problems. It is necessary to undergo the examination by a doctor, perhaps, to pass tests. Another interpretation of the dream image - such a dream may mean that very soon distant relatives will visit you, who will come to visit you. Monthly for a girl in a dream can also mean being late for some important meeting or trip, be ready for this and hurry in advance.

See also: what was the dream of bleeding, what was the dream, what was the dream of a woman.

What Monthly / Menstruation Dreamed (According to Psychological Interpreter)

Although periods are a natural process of the body, on a psychological level, we perceive them as something negative.

  • If you dreamed of menstruation, you yourself know that in reality you will commit some kind of offense, the consequences of which will be significantly negative. Especially you should beware if at the time of sleep you do not have menstruation in reality.
  • If, in a dream, your menstruation suddenly began, you probably subconsciously feel your own vulnerability and need the support of loved ones.
  • If the dream of menstruation is not related to your inner state in reality, you will soon realize that something tangible but insignificant has left your life.

What does it mean for you if you dreamed of Monthly / Menstruation (Romantic Dream)

  • If a single woman dreamed of short periods, she will meet with a man who will become her lover. But this connection will be fleeting and will not justify all the hopes placed on it.
  • What are your monthly dreams? In a dream, you were scared when your period began? Probably, in reality, you will experience difficulties in the intimate sphere, since your views on sexuality will drastically diverge from the views of your partner.
  • If you reacted calmly to the beginning of menstruation, rejoice, such a dream foreshadows a stable and harmonious life with your loved one without major quarrels and disagreements.

What are Monthly / Menstruation dreams, how to understand a dream (Dream interpretation of the 21st century)

  • Menstruation - If a woman has a delay in menstruation in the vision - soon she will be met with a very rich lover or a short-term but passionate love.
  • A young woman has a dream in which she sees that she has menstruation (menstruation) - hints: she should take care of her own health. Perhaps it is time to deal with those sores that do not make themselves known all the time, but they have been accumulating for years.
  • If menstruation dreamed of a pregnant woman - she will give birth to a beautiful healthy baby.
  • Seeing clothes stained with menstrual blood can cause serious problems.

Household interpretation of the dream about the Critical Days (according to the Life Dream)

  • Seeing a monthly period for a young woman means that she may have health problems in the near future and need to undergo a medical examination as soon as possible, while the problems are not too big.
  • If a pregnant woman dreamed of menstruation, then such a dream may mean that the birth will take place quickly and without complications, and the baby will be healthy and strong.
  • If you had a dream in which you saw clothes stained with blood, then in the near future, tune in to encounter troubles, it is quite possible that you will find yourself in an awkward position, and it will not be possible to get out of it without moral loss.
  • If a woman dreamed that she went monthly, but in reality they are not, then it is waiting for her major trouble, in which she herself is to blame.
  • Why dream that you have soiled someone else’s bed and furniture, then in reality you will really need help, but asking for it will be below your dignity. In this case, you will either have to accept the great losses that threaten trouble, or infringe upon your pride and ask for help, which, by the way, you will not be denied. This is an interpretation of what menstruation dreams about.

Why do menstruation dreams in a dream to a woman - interpretation by dream books

Miller in the dream book about monthly written quite a bit. If such a plot is seen by a lonely young lady, she should pay attention to her feminine health. It is possible that a dangerous disease has already begun to develop in the sleeping body, but for the time being it is asymptomatic.

Is she dreaming of blood, menstruation to a woman who has recently become a legitimate wife? So, in the near future we can expect the onset of pregnancy.

The seer Wanga suggests that women’s hygiene items completely soaked in blood turn out to be a sign that the girl is too active in other people's affairs. It seems it's time to forget about gossip and go about your life.

In the Modern Dream Book, it is noted that the delay in menstruation in a dream is dreaming of the fair sex woman to get acquainted with a very wealthy and influential man. The novel will be stormy, but short.

Critical days at home, at another woman

If you went monthly with the dreamer herself and she badly soiled her hands in blood, it means that the girl strives to learn as much as possible details of the intimate life of her friends and relatives. Such curiosity can lead her to serious disappointment.

The sudden onset of menstruation is a harbinger of the formidable obstacles that women will encounter in the life path in the very near future.

The feeling of disgust at the sight of their own discharge dreams as a warning about unpleasant gossip, which I will dissolve about the dreamer strangers.

Was menstrual blood on another woman? This is a clear sign that the sleeper will be able to easily eliminate the rival and the latter will not even have time to harm her.

What color was the blood dream?

If a woman dreams of monthly blood of an unusual color, be sure to remember which one.

  • Black discharge is the most negative sign. He promises a girl health problems and the inability to conceive a child.
  • The blood of an unusual color foreshadows the occurrence of an unusual situation, which can only be resolved after receiving advice from a wise mentor.
  • Scarlet, too bright discharge suggests that the woman suffers from numerous complexes. Perhaps the girl is shy of her own appearance, which greatly hinders her in life.

Menstruation of a pregnant woman

It often happens that the expectant mother sees the menstrual flow from herself. This is a great sign for her. In this case, you can be sure that the baby will be born healthy and strong. In addition, he will definitely be endowed with creative abilities.

В некоторых сонниках сюжеты с менструацией у беременных считаются предвестниками преждевременных родов. Но и при таких условиях нет повода для беспокойства — процесс завершится благополучно.

Почему снятся месячные, если на самом деле их нет?

If the monthly dreams of a young girl who has not yet been seen in reality, then such a plot can be perceived as a harbinger of a joyful surprise and interesting adventure.

The blood on the pad, dreamed of the girl, speaks of her rapid puberty. In the organism of the dreamer, violent hormonal changes occur and it is possible that very soon her menstruation will begin in her and in reality. If at the same time in the dream the girl felt pain, it means that the plot also has a negative connotation - the sleeping one will lose the trust of the parents.

It happens that menstrual blood dreams of a very young lady simply because she is afraid of the changes that her body expects. Moms should fight with such fears of their daughters, telling them everything about their monthly available and understandable language.

Lots of menstrual blood

If in a dream a woman began menstruating with very abundant secretions and she does not have time to change clean pads - this is an important warning. Nayavu representative of the fair sex because of the business rush to miss something very important. Perhaps because of her excessive enthusiasm for work, her children or other family members are moving away from the sleeping person.

  1. Suddenly abundant discharge, which began on the road, suggests that in real life a woman will be lost. It will not be material, but associated with feelings, relationships, or even with religion or faith.
  2. Menstrual blood in a dream so much that it runs down the legs? All the troubles in the life of a girl are due to the same mistakes she constantly makes. To reduce the number of problems, you need to carefully analyze their behavior and try to identify their weaknesses.
  3. Due to heavy menstrual bleeding, everything turned out to be soiled? Najava sleeping awaiting exposure or some kind of shameful situation. If the woman did not feel a sense of shame or discomfort, then the dream is treated differently - the dreamer will face upcoming large-scale spending, which in the end will be meaningless.

With menopause

For a very old woman, a dream in which menstrual flow appears appears to be an excellent harbinger. He promises to sleep a great good health or completely get rid of some dangerous disease. If the dreamer has long suffered from the afflicting disease, recovery will come very quickly and unexpectedly.

A woman who has not had menstrual bleeding for a long time, dreamed of their return with severe pain? This is a hint that sleeping is in a severe psychological state. Perhaps she has a protracted depression, which the fair sex does not even suspect. To begin with, she needs to tell her family about her problem and ask for help. Or simply contact a specialist.

Monthly dream Miller, decoding of different visions

You can decipher the dream by Miller’s dream book. Blood is not a terrible sign, but the other details of the vision are also important - the amount of discharge and their location, the emotions tested. Monthly in a dream Miller's dream book deciphers, given a number of features:

  • dream of dreaming pregnant
  • pads or tampons in the blood,
  • expected monthly did not come,
  • furniture or clothes are stained with blood,
  • scanty or abundant discharge,
  • blood runs down the legs
  • menstruation began suddenly.

If a pregnant woman sees blood in a dream, it guarantees the birth of a healthy baby. At the same time, he will be endowed with different abilities and talents. A newly married girl dreams of blood to a quick pregnancy. Abundant discharge indicates an imminent sacrifice in reality, but it will not be in vain.

If a dream with menstrual flow has occurred to a single free woman, this indicates her health problems. Symptoms may not appear immediately, accumulate over the years, so it is best to completely check the body immediately. Menstrual blood portends to a woman suffering from a long-term treatment and possible surgery.

My monthly what to dream in a dream, especially visions

The monthly period when strips are required is familiar to every girl and lady. Basically, blood in visions does not warn of bad events. However, decoding takes into account the surrounding circumstances. For example, the selection of different colors - harbingers of the urinary system.

If in a dream a woman smells blood, it means that the lady has complexes that interfere with her personal life. My monthly what dream in a dream? Interpretation of dreams:

  1. Suddenly abundant discharge begins to warn of possible non-material loss or loss (faith, relationships, feelings).
  2. Flowing blood in the legs indicates ill-considered and incorrect actions. If you think well, trouble can be avoided.
  3. Months in a dream do not come on time - this is a sign that in a difficult situation you will have to rely only on yourself and friends, there will be no help from your relatives.
  4. Bloodstained clothing or furniture warns of being exposed to reality, some sort of shame. However, such a dream can be a warning about the imminent spending of money. In this case, they will be meaningless.
  5. Monthly, dreamed of a woman who is looking for a job, talk about the imminently profitable business proposal.
  6. The appearance of disgust at the type of own menstrual blood - this dream warns of gossip.

What is the dream in a dream woman? Just to see them - promises to see you soon with family and friends. How much it will be pleasant depends on the overall impression of the vision. If blood flowed unexpectedly, in a public place, public confusion is possible in reality. Painful periods indicate sexual dissatisfaction.

If a girl in a dream cannot stop strong menstrual flow, this indicates new awakening feelings that she is afraid or tries to avoid. However, such a novel would be short.

What dreams of monthly on laying, decoding of visions

Monthly excretion can blur in a dream not only things, but also hygiene products. In this case, it is important how much they are filled or saturated. What dreams of monthly on laying? If they are fully saturated, this is a warning that a woman climbs in her own affairs, into someone else’s life.

When the gaskets are lightly soiled with blood, it speaks of the curiosity of a woman, where her “pry nose” habit should not. Another meaning is that someone is very interested in the personal life of a given lady or girl. They need to spread less about themselves. To see in a dream a lot of gaskets, but clean - problems at work, beatings from the authorities.

What is the dream in a dream woman? The blood-soaked hygienic affiliation indicates the desire of the lady to learn more about the intimate life of loved ones. This may not be a manifestation of mere curiosity, but a desire to help restore the destruction of relationships.

The blood on the pad, dreamed of a young 11-12-year-old girl, speaks about the imminent maturity and rapid puberty. However, there is a negative connotation. Such a dream portends a loss of confidence on the part of the parents.

If a woman dreamed of abundant periods, and she changes the pads one by one - this is a warning that in real life something important will be missed. The reason for this will be business fuss.

What do menstruation mean in sleep with menopause?

If a dream with menstruation dreamed of a very old lady, this indicates her good health or getting rid of some kind of illness. However, the release can be seen and a younger woman in the period of menopause.

If menstruation in a dream during menopause has been seen by a lady who has not had menstrual blood for a long time, this means strong changes in real life. And they will touch the personal side or financial well-being.

An alarming warning is when a woman not only sees that the discharge has started again, but is also in severe pain. This is a precursor to the development of serious diseases. It is advisable for a woman to undergo a full examination as soon as possible. So it is possible to identify and cure the disease at an early stage.

What dreams during pregnancy, especially interpretations

In the period of carrying a child, many women have dreams. Usually they are bright and easy to remember. What dreams during pregnancy? If they started suddenly - it promises good health to the woman. Childbirth should go well, and the child will be completely healthy. At the same time, this may indicate a deliverance from the old and the unnecessary, a new life, or a change for the better.

However, if the appearance of a child is undesirable for a woman, then her period in a dream is a sign that she wants to end the pregnancy. On the contrary - discharge, dreamed of when desired baby, symbolizes maternal fear for the crumbs, concern for his health.

In all the dream books, these interpretations coincide. There is another interesting point. Monthly can dream of an unexpected obstacle to a romantic date. In this case, the obstacle will be joyful - this is the birth of a child.

Why dream of Vanga menstrual flow?

Why dream on Vanga monthly? According to her interpretation, to see a menstrual flow in a dream means a wrong step was taken in life, which you will have to regret later. The second interpretation of sleep - fear for the fate of their own children. In the case when the clothes were stained with blood, the woman can expect the betrayal of a loved one.

According to Wanga’s interpretation, copious excretions with which the lady soiled her clothes and furniture surrounding things are a warning about the appearance of dirty gossips. Dissolve them will be female detractors, the purpose of which will be - to discredit the good name.

When a lady tries unsuccessfully to stop the gushing menstrual blood - this indicates a strong longing for a loved one who has died. Unexpected discharge indicates interference in some kind of quarrel that will occur between loved ones. For a woman, such an act will have serious consequences.

A dream in which the hands are blurred with menstrual blood is a warning of a long-standing curse that is imposed on the whole race. This threatens to destroy not only the life of the dreamer, but also the fate of people close to her. Rock will haunt everyone until a woman begs forgiveness from God for the sins of her ancestors.

The interpretations of what dream periods in a woman dream most often coincide in all dream books. Differences may be caused by additional factors accompanying the vision - places, abundance or absence of blood, its appearance, smell, etc. For a complete interpretation, you need to take into account all the nuances and then deduce the "arithmetic mean" of sleep. Reviews on this topic can read or write your opinion on the forum.

Dreamed of menstruation in a dream what is it

Many interpreters are sure that if a woman dreams of menstruation and blood, then this is only a reflection of her emotional state, the intensity of which occurs in the period before the onset of the menstrual cycle.

Some dream books do not recommend to pay attention to the dreams of the period when the periods have already begun - this is a reflection of a certain part of reality.

However, in order to correctly interpret a dream that had a dream in itself, and not under the influence of the above-mentioned factors, it is necessary to pay attention to details.

What is the monthly woman dream

Different dream books interpret the situation in their own way if they dream of a month in a dream to a woman.

For example, Miller's Dream Book claims if dreamed of pregnant - to the successful birth of a child and his further well-being. Such a dream promises the birth of a healthy and talented baby.

Interpretation of the dream Vanga assures readers that this is a good sign - if you dream of blood in a dream for a woman, menstruation in this embodiment is no exception.

If they dreamed of a young girl, especially if they went suddenly - this is to the successful solution of any issues: increase, inheritance, salary increment, bonus, etc., and so on. Special efforts will not be required to achieve success. Just in the life of a girl or a woman whom they dreamed of, a white stripe will come.

Why dream of having blood

For the correct interpretation of such a dream, the details are important:

  • if you dream of monthly in his underpants in an unexpected period (gone suddenly) - this is a harbinger of obstacles and obstacles that you will encounter in the near future on your way,
  • if they had a dream with another person - it means the opponent will be defeated and the situation will be resolved in the direction of the dreamer,
  • if you dream of monthly blood on the pad - This is a long-awaited meeting with loved ones.

Much depends on the color of the dreamed blood: light and bright blood - to the imminent joyful meeting, thick blood - to the illness of relatives.

Monthly dreams of a girl in a dream to what it is

A dream in which to dreamdream in a dream for a girl, portends often something good, but it is important to remember how abundant and strong they dreamed, and how she reacted to the fact that they have already begun:

  • if you dreamed of monthly girlfriend very strong - during this period, the girl should expect a proposal for marriage, pregnancy is possible,
  • for married woman - to the imminent arrival of guests, whom I have not seen for a long time and, associated with this, pleasant efforts,
  • if you dreamed of a monthly girlfriend who is currently actively searching places of work - a dream means an invitation to profitable cooperation,
  • euwhether they dreamed of a girl and the blood caused her an unpleasant feeling of disgust - this is gossip and squabbles around her person, you need to be attentive to your social circle,
  • if the bleeding was so heavy that the girl stained the blood all around (clothes, furniture, blood plentifully flowing through the legs, etc.) - to a situation in life that will cause awkwardness, you need to get rid of some vital complexes.

What are your monthly dreams if you don’t have them

If the girls went first - a pleasant surprise or an interesting adventure,

If they go to a woman during her pregnancy - to the successful birth of a healthy and gifted baby,

Such a dream for man a bad forerunner means quick troubles and problems if he sees them on a white pad or on his hands - in real life he shows an excessive interest in someone else’s life and this moment will play a cruel joke with him.

Some dream books convince women and girls that seeing such blood in their dreams means something unpleasant. But most of the eminent creators of the same dream-book are sure that such a dream mostly takes place in good and pleasant events, which you could see by reading the presented material.

What dreams in a dream monthly, menstruation?

If you think that sleep requires an individual approach, then you can order a personal interpretation of the dream by our expert.With a personal approach, personal aspects of a person are taken into account, so it will be more accurate than self-interpretation.

An expert in the field of dreams will be able to consider all the hidden symbols of your dream and will give them a precise definition that corresponds only to you.

Dream "Amedea"

(Dream interpretation Amedea online: monthly dreamed)

According to the dream, monthly in a dream - portend to you health problems that will require serious financial costs. Try not to commit rash acts in the coming days of the week after sleep, so that this does not lead to illness.

I dreamed that an unfamiliar girl started menstruating - such a dream suggests that soon you will learn some intimate information about someone from friends or acquaintances. Perhaps it will be the main reason for breaking off relations with this person. Most likely it will be your good friend or old friend.

If the monthly in a dream went earlier or later than expected - such a dream suggests that you need to very closely monitor the state of your health, perhaps in a short time you will get something sick. Also, such a symbol may indicate a person’s poor immunity.

Come monthly in a public place in a dream - if someone saw this, then soon you will find yourself in a very awkward and unpleasant situation, but if nobody noticed this, then you will be in trouble at work or in business. Most likely you are waiting for a series of troubles and troubles.

Dreamed of delaying menstruation - expect difficulties at work, as well as health problems for the female part. But do not worry, even if you get something sick, you will fully recover in a week.

Dreamed that blood from menstruation stained clothes in a dream - such a dream indicates that soon you will be “covered in mud” by people you know very well and who have been at your house more than once.

© Dream interpretation is owned by the online magazine Amedea. Copying material is strictly prohibited and punishable in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation.

Sonya Gustav Miller

(Miller's Dream Interpretation Online: Monthly Dreamed)

According to Miller’s dream book, monthly stained clothing talks about possible enemies who are trying to prevent a successful career opening before you. Anyone who sees this dream should be wary of strange new friendships.

Dreamed of seeing blood pouring freely from the vagina - a sign of physical illness or future anxiety, failure in business, caused by unsuccessful transactions with foreign syndicates, cartels and other associations.

According to Miller’s dream book, see blood from the monthly on your hands - failures, fatal bad luck, if you do not immediately take care of yourself and your affairs.

Sonya Vanga

(Сонник Ванги онлайн: месячные приснились)

Сон, в котором вы пытаетесь остановить льющуюся из влагалища кровь от месячных, символизирует вашу тоску по умершему близкому человеку.

If in a dream you saw blood from the menstruation on your clothes - a sign that the act of a loved one will jeopardize your reputation.

According to Vanga's dream book, if the monthly periods in a dream went unexpected - this dream predicts that any intervention in a quarrel between close people can end up with serious consequences for you.

If you dreamed that you notice with horror that your hands are stained with blood from menstruation. This dream is a warning. There is an old curse on your family that will not slow down to destroy your life and the lives of loved ones. Evil rock will haunt you until you ask the Creator for forgiveness for the sins your ancestors are guilty of.

Swayability and value of dreams

The dream has to do with emotions, hidden talents, unfulfilled dreams and the needs of a sleeping person. A picture with a good meaning promises the realization of a cherished desire. Inexpressive sleep promises a routine. Dream incarnation takes from one day to three years.

Sleep most often immerses the sleeper in a tense atmosphere with scary or unpleasant pictures. Such dreams do not always have a negative meaning: often they hide events with a good semantic tint.

Sleeping on a waning moon falls into the category of purifiers: it indicates that it will soon lose value in real life. Only dreams with negative content are embodied: they carry a good meaning.

The dream is often fantastic and unreal. Treat it with extreme caution: a high probability of a mistake. A dream of victories and accomplishments speaks of the embodiment of desire.

Dream Interpretation: dream monthly

Although traditionally blood in a dream is treated as closely related blood ties, for the menstrual type, almost all interpreters contain other interpretations.

English dream book after such a dream for family people predicts a deterioration in the relationship, especially in the intimate sphere. In order not to seriously quarrel, and not even to part definitively, you will need to show restraint, tact, ability to listen to a partner.

Dream Miller predicts that periods in a dream for a young married girl mean a quick conception. A pregnant lady Regula dreams to the easy process of the birth of a child into the world. An unmarried girl who has lost her period is a symbol of what needs to be urgently checked by a doctor. Mudding in blood is a warning that the dreamer and her relatives are in danger. Something threatens overall well-being.

According to the interpretation Wangi menstruals in a dream that soiled clothes or pieces of furniture, warn that the dreamer is in the center of gossip. Spitpoisons try to present it in the most unfavorable light. It is necessary to be careful not to give them new topics for insinuations, and also try not to react sharply to attacks against you.

Modern dream book advises a woman who sees her own menstruation in a dream to check her plans for the next day. If an important meeting or appointment is made, the dream signals that it is likely to be late and recommends that you go earlier.

According to the American Interpreter's Dream Book Denise Lynnwhen menstruation dreams of a man, suddenly started with him, this reflects his excessive curiosity. “Critical days” of the beloved foreshadow a significant deterioration in mutual understanding and serious cooling. For family dreamers, menstruation in a dream means that relationships are threatened by divorce. If you want to save the marriage, you must act immediately.

French the source follows the traditional interpretation of menstrual blood. A dream with her presence means a quick, but unexpected, meeting with relatives.

According to eastern dream book, copious periods in a dream, which appeared long before their real term, reflect the emotions of the dreamer. She worries too much for reasons that really do not deserve it.

According to the esoteric Tsvetkov, if you dream of periods on the legs, the dream predicts getting into reality in an unpleasant situation. She will not be too serious, but for the dreamer she will turn into a sense of shame and awkwardness.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century interprets menstruation in a dream as an urgent signal to a woman to take care of her own intimate health. The body functions at the limit of its capabilities, and specialist consultation is necessary.

According to the Muslim interpreterwhen menstruation dreams of a woman, but there is no reality at the moment, the dreamer will make an oversight. After such a plot, you must carefully monitor your own actions.

What dreams of monthly blood

In case you dream own monthly blood, you need to remember its color. The treatment of sleep is significantly different.

Pure scarlet color means that at the moment, thanks to your own initiative, it is possible to realize even the most incredible projects. Finance can come from a completely unexpected side. When menstruating extraordinarily black dreams, this is an auspicious sign. It means that the difficult stage in life is coming to an end. Soon everything will be a new way, and although the dreamer is afraid of change, they are definitely for the better.

Gore bleeds display mental agony. An important issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible so that it does not poison existence.

Clots Blood monthly or dirty color warn that you need to seriously attend to the state of health. It is advisable for a woman to visit a gynecologist to rule out the occurrence of complications, especially if the dreamer was engaged in self-treatment.

Lot Monthly blood in a dream means to be in a dangerous situation.

Monthly blood on clothes interpreted ambiguously. On the one hand, this is getting into a funny position. Another option is more favorable, and promises a good turn of events, which was not even expected.

However monthly blood on shorts has a special meaning. Married woman plot foreshadows difficulties in affairs. A young girl dreams of a dream: the object of her adoration does not take her seriously, and you should not reveal your whole soul to him.

What dreams that went monthly

It happens that especially sensitive women see a dream about the beginning of menstruation just shortly before its real appearance. In this case, menstruation in a dream is almost a prophetic dream, based on physiological causes.

If in dream started menstruation, but in reality it is far from these days of the cycle, it can be a signal of health problems. In another interpretation, the dream, on the contrary, means the onset of pregnancy.

Also untimely Start menstruation in a dream warns of the possible commission of a spontaneous act. Subsequently, it can lead to major troubles, and greatly complicate a woman’s life. In the near future it is necessary to think over your actions as thoroughly as possible. Objective goals can not be considered unattainable. But implementing plans will require certain sacrifices on the part of the dreamer.

When a man dreams that are coming menstruation with his wife or lover, it can mean illness with a companion. The cause is most likely related to the intimate sphere or the blood supply. Even if there are no external symptoms of the disease, the visit of the companion to the doctor will help to avoid complications.

What dreams of monthly blood on the pad

Often in dreams associated with regulations, hygiene products also appear.

Gasket with the monthly, dreamed of a married woman, warns about her excessive hobbies gossip. The desire to know the details of someone else's life can lead to a crisis in their own family. For a man, a stained hygiene product is a warning. Someone in reality tries to draw him into other people's problems. Intervention can lead to trouble, so it is advisable to show a reasonable egoism, prudently and comprehensively consider all requests.

Dream interpretation with hygienic means also differs in the amount of discharge. Slightly soiled mean annoying troubles and ridiculous insults. If the discharge is so abundant that the dreamer does not have time change gasket with blood in a dream, the dream warns that there is a danger in the hectic routine chores to miss something very important.

In any case, after having dreamed of menstruation in a dream, do not be afraid. There is usually no sinister symbolism in such dreams. Representatives of the fair sex first need to remember about the real cycle, as well as take care of their health. By listening to the warnings, you can avoid problems for dreamers of either sex.