Is it possible to get a haircut during menstruation: signs, the opinion of specialists, women


The period of menstruation is associated with the existence of many prejudices and superstitions, one of which is the prohibition to cut hair. Modern women are skeptical of beliefs and make beautiful hairstyles during menstruation. Medical professionals have their own opinion on whether it is possible to get a haircut during menstruation. Critical days are characterized by changes in hormonal levels, on which the health of curls depends.

The effect of menstruation on hair condition

Before answering the question of whether hair can be cut during the menstrual period, the degree of influence of critical days on the condition of the locks should be determined. Female menstruation is a complex mechanism in which all systems and organs are involved. In order for the organism not to undergo failures, the systems begin to work more intensively, which increases the level of hormones.

On critical days, the sebaceous glands begin to produce more sebum. Under the influence of a hair dryer, the hair will start to get fat even faster, the roots will become heavy and untidy. Monthly provoke a violation of blood circulation, which affects the structure of the strands - they fade, lose elasticity, become unruly. Many women experience this problem during menopause.

Active hair growth is provided in the case of proper metabolism. Menstruation significantly affects the metabolism, can accelerate or, conversely, slow down this process. Due to this uncertainty, it is not recommended to have a haircut, as well as to lay and dye curls during menstruation.

Physiological changes are complemented by changes in the psycho-emotional state of women. Psychological disorder can be triggered by the influence of hormones, loss of beneficial trace elements, a decrease in protective function. As a rule, a woman becomes tense and irritable, self-critical to her appearance. Changing the image can trigger severe stress, so it’s best to wait until the end of your period.

Opinion of medicine about haircuts on critical days

Our grandmothers were of the opinion that getting a haircut during menstruation is not worth it, because it worsens the appearance of curls and slows their growth. Many women believed that haircuts during menstruation can trigger the development of early aging or serious illness. Medical professionals have an opinion on this issue. The adverse effect of critical days on the hair is possible if the menstrual cycle coincides with the lunar cycle.

In each month there are days when any manipulation of curls is prohibited. As a rule, hair becomes weak and brittle, making it almost impossible to make a hairstyle. In addition, when monthly hair follicles are deficient in beneficial components. As a result, the condition of the scalp and hair deteriorates.

So get a haircut or not on menstruation days?

Medical experts explain why you can not cut your hair during critical days, but do not prohibit girls from going to salons. Most of the fair sex try not to pay attention to the existence of superstitions, and, if necessary, shear their hair, even if the visit to the procedure coincides with critical days. However, there are girls who ask the question: "can you cut your hair with menstruation or not?"

If a girl takes into account existing superstitions, it is recommended to have a haircut after the menstruation has passed. In the event that there is no possibility to transfer the haircut, it is recommended to follow these rules:

  1. The most favorable day for haircuts is the fifth day of the menstrual period. As a rule, the body practically restores its functions, so the negative impact will be minimal.
  2. Cut your hair from a highly qualified specialist who is well versed in his work and will not damage loose hair.
  3. It is necessary to cut your hair as short as possible, because together with the cropped hair the accumulated negative energy will leave the woman.

Opinions risked women are mixed. Many girls claim that their hair has become weakened, dull and brittle after shearing, and their growth has slowed down. Other girls did not notice negative changes in the structure of the curls, so they prefer not to listen to superstition, and if necessary, visit the hairdresser.

Beautiful hair style gives the girl a well-groomed appearance. Assumptions that haircut during menstruation is forbidden do not have scientific evidence. Therefore, each girl has the right to make their own decisions, taking into account the individual characteristics of their body.

Increased oily hair

Due to hormonal changes, the scalp and hair roots quickly become greasy. If the master only dubs the tips, then there will be no discomfort. But the laying will suffer greatly, because the dryer will only enhance the work of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, the hairstyle looks bad and does not meet expectations.

Impairment of hair quality

Menstruation is accompanied by deterioration of the processes of thermoregulation and blood circulation. The curls lose their elasticity, grow dull, and become disobedient. It will be difficult for the hairdresser to do his job, so inaccuracies and minor haircuts defects are possible.

For the same reason, hair dyeing during menstruation is not recommended by hairdressers. Color intensity may be weaker.

Unstable emotional state

The psycho-emotional background at the beginning of the menstrual cycle is unstable. The girl under his influence makes rash decisions to radically change their image. As a result, women often in a few days regret too short hair, bangs and other changes.

Find out in the article on the link whether it is possible to do a shugaring during menstruation and when the most favorable day for the procedure.

What does popular wisdom say

Previously, haircut during menstruation was considered unacceptable, because the female population these days suffered from many prohibitions. Even attendance at church during menstruation was not allowed. Over time, many taboos are gone. But still, the appearance of menstrual blood makes superstitious girls postpone a trip to a beauty salon. Some believe that if you cut your hair during menstruation, you risk:

  • lose luck
  • worsen communication with nature
  • provoke slower hair growth,
  • spoil the love relationship
  • incur material waste.

Such information rarely has real confirmation. But too superstitious women, under the influence of emotions, set themselves up for the bad. Therefore, the negative situations that have occurred are the result of one's own thoughts, and not the result of a haircut against the background of the release of menstrual blood.

Follow the link and find out what you can dream of monthly and how to respond to such dreams.

What is the relationship of menstruation with the lunar cycle

The satellite of the earth greatly affects human health. Whether it is possible to cut hair during menstruation will help to understand the lunar calendar. To do this, it is enough for a woman to study on which day menstruation falls:

The favorable period is 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 21, 24, 25, 27.

Neutral day - 19, 20, 22.

Not the best time - 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 15, 16, 17, 18, 23, 26, 28, 29, 30.

Do not forget to open the current lunar calendar to determine the date of cutting. The same applies to painting and curling hair during menstrual flow.


Very favorable time, which helps when visiting a barber shop to get rid of bad emotions. Also, a woman can solve problems and difficulties. But for painting curls this period is not suitable.

A visit to a beauty salon will give physical strength, which was so lacking for solving a problem or a radical change in life.

The new hairstyle promises women new acquaintances, travels, as well as good news.

Haircut on this day will make a woman more successful and more attractive. There is a chance to improve relationships with others.

You can easily and successfully change your appearance. But it is worth remembering that the new haircut will be radically different from the old one.

One of the best days to have a haircut during menstruation. The hair will grow back quickly, and their appearance will please the hostess.


Do not trim the curls, because you can turn away from yourself fortune. Haircut is allowed if a black band lasts in a woman’s life.

Reasons to postpone a meeting with a stylist is only for Sunday. At other times, haircut is not prohibited. It remains only to take seriously the issue of changing the appearance, so that later you don’t regret your choice.

What recommendations should be followed

Having decided to cut hair during menstruation, it is advisable to adhere to the following tips:

  1. You should not go to the hairdresser with severe pain.
  2. You can trim the ends any day.
  3. Serious manipulations with hair should be postponed to the middle of the cycle.
  4. Naughty hair during menstruation will become even less docile in styling.
  5. You can only trust proven master.

Omens and superstitions should not control human life. It is important to listen to your body and when you are in a bad mood or unwell during menstruation days, postpone a visit to a stylist.

Superstition about hair cutting

Although there is no evidence that hairdressing procedures on critical days somehow affect the condition of the hair and cause other harm to health, many women are still afraid to perform them on such days. As a rule, this concerns those female representatives who are very impressionable and cautious by nature. They know many different signs, believe in them and in no way wish to risk.

There is a popular belief that it is unacceptable to carry out any procedures with hair on days when a woman has her period. At the present time, menstrual flow is considered just a physiological process, and in the old days a woman was considered unclean on such days. People sincerely believed that if a woman loses her hair these days, then in the future they will be sick, she will grow old very early or even die.

Nowadays, most girls go to the hairdresser and use the services of specialists when they want it. But there are still those who prefer not to tempt fate and to wait with a visit to a beauty salon until the critical days are over. They explain this decision not by the fact that they are afraid of quickly growing old or sick, but by the fact that if you cut the hair during menstruation, it will negatively affect the growth and structure of the curls.

What days can I get a haircut?

If there is no special need for such a procedure, it is better to wait and wait until the end of menstruation. If the situation develops in such a way that it is not possible to postpone it, you can go to the hairdresser, it doesn't portend anything terrible. It is better to cut oneself at the end of critical days, when the hormonal “calm” begins and the female body begins to recover.

You should find an experienced master and be sure to inform him of the monthly. Usually, good professionals know how to handle loose hair. They will perform a haircut, given the state of the woman and the features of the hair these days.

When you can not visit the hairdresser

It is believed, and it is proved by experts, that there is some interrelation between the menstrual and lunar cycles. For most women, the critical days coincide with the full moon and the new moon, and, as is known, it is impossible to have a haircut at this time.

Science has proven that the moon has an impact on all life on earth, but not all women understand the lunar cycles and distinguish between the periods of the rising and diminishing moon. Make haircut is recommended during the rising moon.

It is possible not to believe in various theories and signs, why it is impossible to cut hair during menstruation, but in the first days after the onset of menstruation, it is better not to go to the hairdresser’s. It’s better not to change your image drastically at this time, as this may not give the desired result.

Haircut during menstruation

When critical days come, major changes occur in all organs and systems of the female body. Scalp and hair do not stand aside from this process, their condition also changes. This can be noted by the fact that chemical compositions and paint are kept very badly, and curlers after curlers do not form at all or rather quickly disappear.

These days the hair becomes heavy, greasy, dull, difficult to style. The reason for this phenomenon is as follows:

  1. The condition of the hair on these days is affected by the sebaceous glands, whose work is significantly activated. This produces a large amount of sebum. Strands become fat and grow dull, the roots become heavier.
  2. Due to the outflow of blood, it does not get to the hair follicles. For this reason, the hair is weakened, difficult to style.
  3. During hormonal adjustment, testosterone production is activated. The excess of this male hormone in a woman's body leads to a weakening of the hair follicles, the hair loses its natural shine.
  4. The metabolism is broken. Metabolism can slow or accelerate. This situation also affects the state of the curls. They are poorly amenable to painting, shearing and styling.

On critical days, women undergo not only physiological, but also psycho-emotional changes. They become irritable and more self-critical than on ordinary days. They are very difficult to please, any change in the usual image can result in severe stress. Wasted money and unfulfilled expectations can trigger an attack of aggression.

All of these factors have a scientific medical rationale. Women can have their hair cut during their periods, but before going to the hairdresser’s, you should tune in to the fact that the result may turn out to be completely different from what they expected.

Tips for doubters

Is it possible to cut hair during menstruation, each girl must decide for herself. In the twenty-first century, few people pay attention to various signs and superstitions. Those who believe more in science, which has not found a special reason why it is impossible to get a haircut during menstruation, can discard all prejudices and quietly go to a beauty salon. But if a girl is very superstitious and believes in signs, and the change of image does not tolerate delay, in this case, she can recommend the following:

  • if there is an opportunity to wait a little, then it is better to make a haircut not in the first days of menstruation, but to postpone it for the 3-4th day,
  • in the hairdresser's office, a woman should choose a master with whom she is well-known, so that he does not harm her negative field,
  • if a woman decided to take a chance and get a haircut on these days, then it is better to do it globally and cut off a large amount of hair so that negative energy goes away along with the curls.

Unwanted procedures

As already noted, during menstruation, different procedures with hair may not give the desired result. Therefore, some of them are better to postpone:

  1. These days it is not recommended to paint curls, as this can lead to an unpredictable result: the pigment can be unevenly distributed.
  2. The same can happen during highlighting. Under the influence of a chemical reaction, paint is often not uniformly distributed.
  3. The ideal haircut would be such minor changes, which later, if you do not like the result, can be easily corrected. Hair can be adjusted after the critical days are over and the hormones calm down.
  4. It is also not recommended to do extension curls or perm. Such hairdressing procedures and on ordinary days are quite traumatic for the hair, and during menstruation the state of the strands becomes even worse - they begin to break and fall out.

If there is such an opportunity, it is better to wait a bit and do all these procedures with the hair after the end of menstruation.

Opinion girls

Reviews of girls who were not afraid and made a haircut on critical days, significantly different from each other. Some complain that the haircut these days did not give the result that they wanted, while others, on the contrary, claim that everything happened as usual, and no unforeseen changes in the bad direction happened. They argue that these are just silly prejudices.

Is it possible to get a haircut during menstruation - this is a purely individual matter, the girl herself should decide it. You can not bother and feel free to go to the hairdresser to change your image, but you can listen to the wisdom of the ancestors and wait a bit.

Menstruation haircuts - for and against

Consider why it is impossible, according to the majority, to cut and dye hair in the period of regulation. The fact is that in this phase of the cycle a real hormonal storm occurs in the female body, the consequences of which are different in each case:

  • Many girls these days are very fat skin and hair roots. As a result, a visit to the hairdresser can result in at least a spoiled mood. Сальные железы во время сушки феном под воздействием высоких температур будут производить секрет в разы интенсивнее. Соответственно, выработка пота и жира усилится, корни утяжелятся, прическа обретет неопрятный вид.
  • Период менструации неизбежно сопряжен с нарушением процессов терморегуляции и обращения крови. Конечно, такие сбои не могут обойти стороной и состояние волосяного покрова. Curls dull, lose their elasticity, almost impossible to hand master. The same problem can occur in women in the premenopausal period, when hormone surges affect all body systems.
  • The psycho-emotional state of a woman during the Regul period also leaves much to be desired. Mood changes, irritability, discontent with oneself and others, tension - all this is a consequence of hormonal changes. There are often cases when a girl wants to urgently change something in appearance exactly during a CD. But after a few days, these changes cause nothing but disappointment.

Haircut or hair extensions during menstruation is also not recommended because during this period of the cycle there is a very high risk of provoking their fragility and loss. Curls trimmed on critical days will recover and grow for a very long time. But if the situation is such that it is imperative to visit the beauty institute (for example, when an important event is to be held), then the woman should contact a proven master who can professionally perform all the activities, taking into account the peculiarities of the body condition.

Why not

Based on the foregoing, it is easy to explain the common negative answer to the question of whether hair can be cut during menstruation. It is better to refuse visiting a hairdressing salon because:

  • In most cases, women's expectations from visiting beauty salons do not coincide with reality.
  • Hair during this period is disobedient and the risk that time and money will be wasted is quite high.
  • Even throwing aside all superstitions, it is safe to say that a woman’s body is weakened at this time, and he doesn’t need any extra stress.

Are there any exceptions

Of course, there is no categorical ban on visiting a barber shop during critical days. Moreover, there are situations when, for one reason or another, it is extremely necessary for a woman to bring her appearance in order - to make her hair cut or change her hair color.

In such cases, it is best to follow the following recommendations:

  • It is better not to experiment with the hairstyle on the first day of regul, especially with regard to coloring. If it is possible, it is optimal to change the hair color in advance or use light tonics for this. In this case, be sure to warn the wizard that there are monthly. Thus, the hairdresser will be able to offer the most harmless painting option and method of installation.
  • Do not shave hair too short if there was a long hair before.
  • Radically changing the color of the hair is also not desirable. For example, many women are tempted to regroup from a blonde to a brunette, from a brown-haired to a red and vice versa. This is a great stress not only for the hair follicles, but also for the whole body.
  • It is better to carry out any actions with hair in the salon, where in case of unsuccessful haircuts or dyeing a professional master can quickly correct the situation. Attempts to change the image at home can end quite badly.

After hairdressing, be sure to follow all the instructions of the hairdresser - to nourish hair with masks, to wrap and rinse with herbal decoction, you can also use professional cosmetics for care.

Opinion stylists

So, nevertheless, we cut or not during menstruation? Are we dyeing your hair or are we waiting for your period to end? Recommendations and expert opinions on these issues are very different.

Many professional hairdressers are sure that menstruation is not a reason to deny yourself beauty procedures. And if a woman clearly fulfills all the advice and requirements of the master, then it is quite possible to achieve the desired result and prevent the risk of negative consequences.

Others are sure that it is better for women to refuse any procedures, be it a haircut, hair dye, eyelash extensions, nails, a visit to a tanning salon or a beautician.

Of course, both opinions have the right to exist. On the one hand, a woman is healthy and happy when she feels beautiful and desirable. On the other hand, it is necessary to treat everything carefully, so that the desire to find beauty does not end with a spoiled mood or, even worse, with stress. Indeed, during menstruation, all those processes occur in a woman’s body as during pregnancy. Accordingly, both the epidermis and hair can easily be damaged during any external influences on them. For example, you can easily cause allergies to styling products, dye, or other cosmetic preparations.

Therefore, if there is an opportunity, it is better for women to postpone a visit to the hairdresser, to wait until the menstrual period is over.

If, after all, a woman has been visited by a completely overwhelming desire to change her hairstyle during menstruation, then you should not drastically change color, cut your hair too short or, on the contrary, increase long strands. It is better to make light changes in your image that can be painlessly corrected when the menstrual period is over and hormones stop raging.

Haircut during menstruation

It used to be that after such a haircut, hair can grow poorly and constantly be confused. Others believed that because of this, you could get sick and grow old quickly. In addition, during menstruation, a woman for centuries was considered unclean, some believers considered these days “satanic”, and on such days it is absolutely impossible to cut their hair, because it can lead to trouble. We are also talking about a bad energy field during critical days. This field can prevent you from making a good haircut.

Modern medicine is laconic in this matter. A lot of research was conducted, but their results were mixed, in order to make an accurate conclusion about the impact of these days. But there is still a hypothesis, that menstrual cycle often coincides with the lunar, and it is undesirable to do something with your hair in certain lunar phases, as they will then fit badly and stick out in different directions. There is also an opinion that due to the outflow of blood from the hair follicles and the loss of heat, the hair does not look on critical days as it does on ordinary days, and therefore the hairstyle may be unsuccessful.

Cut or not cut?

We live in the modern world, where there is almost no place left for superstitions and beliefs. And since science does not speak about the special harm from a haircut during menstruation, we can safely discard all prejudices and cut hair when it wants. But still, if a girl is very superstitious, but she urgently needs to do something with her hair, then in this case there are some tips.

  • First, it is better to wait for 3-4 days of menstruation.
  • Secondly, you need to contact a hairdresser, whom you know well, so that he does not harm his negative field.
  • Thirdly, if you risk and cut your hair these days, then it is better to cut enough hair so that the negative energy goes with it.

Features haircut during menstruation

Having a haircut, as well as keeping track of the state of the locks, is considered the norm for any girl who is used to taking care of herself and her health. Haircut during the month before was believed to be undesirable, since it could lead to poor growth of curls. Many girls can easily get a haircut, not paying attention to tradition, superstition, while others clearly follow the instructions of their ancestors.

It is known that there are favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts. The menstrual cycle is often associated with lunar phases, so you need to be worn in the cabin during menstruation with caution. The girls who experienced such a procedure during menstruation, noted that in the future the hairstyle was poorly suitable for styling, the curls were difficult to put in order.

Is it possible to cut hair during menstruation

Despite the fact that superstitions speak about the prohibition of haircuts during menstruation, medicine does not officially provide proven facts about the harm of visiting a hairdresser. Most doctors and stylists say that for menstruation, you can cut your hair, use the services of a perm, as well as other procedures that improve the appearance and health of the strands.

If prejudices still do not allow for a haircut during menstruation, but this manipulation is necessary, it is recommended to use these tips:

  • haircut, starting from the 4th day of the cycle,
  • visit only a proven professional,
  • give preference to cardinal changes in order not to change energy.

The answer to the question of whether you can get a haircut during menstruation depends directly on the views of the girl. If superstitions and traditions are honored, then it is better not to risk and wait until the monthly period ends.

Is it possible to increase hair during menstruation

If the situation with a haircut is approximately understandable, then the question of increasing the strands is also of concern to women. It is known that during menstruation hormonal changes slightly, which has a negative impact on the state of the curls - their appearance, brilliance, health.

Hairdressers recommend increasing the locks only in the absence of problems with hormones, otherwise the procedure will not bring the desired results. If the monthly come on time, the discharge lasts the same amount of time, and the menstruation itself is painless - you can safely go on building curls without worrying about your health.

The same applies to hair painting: in the absence of hormonal disruptions, painting will bring only positive emotions. If a woman at the time of menstruation, there are strong changes in hormone levels, it is better to refrain from the procedure. Learn more about this from the video:


Summarizing the question whether it is possible to get a haircut during menstruation, it should be noted that each girl herself has the right to make a choice. If signs and superstitions do not affect everyday life, you can go to the salon at any time of year and month. If traditions and beliefs are a fundamental part of life, as well as hormonal disruptions - the trip to the stylist should be postponed.

Suzyan Anaida Varazdatovna

Psychologist, Coach online consultant. Specialist from the website

The first time I've heard

Brad, that's all. Village prejudices. If you believe in omens, then do not cut your hair. And I heard that you can not pickle cucumbers, if menstruation. I wonder if there is any rational explanation for this?

Rave! During M, only the hair dye may not be applied, since the hormonal background varies slightly, but it is also different for everyone. And you can get a haircut!

during menstruation, it is not necessary to paint the hairpieces and make a chemical waving - the result can be (from the curl), and the paint can give a strange tint.

Nonsense what, that only will not think up))))

Brad, that's all. Village prejudices. If you believe in omens, then do not cut your hair. And I heard that you can not pickle cucumbers, if menstruation. I wonder if there is any rational explanation for this?

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And I lived to be 30 years old and learned that you cannot go to church with these things. At work, especially believers tortured what the problem is, the answer to me these days is an unclean woman, what is unclean in me. Generally intelligible no one replied.

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I know that hair does not go well during menstruation.

I do not understand you so you need to get a haircut in menstruation .. wait a couple of days and cut your hair)

As a dentist, I can say that you should not put fillings. Will fall out. And during menstruation, it is better not to make up or cut your hair because during this period the hair grows very quickly. Better right after.

Brad, that's all. Village prejudices. If you believe in omens, then do not cut your hair. And I heard that you can not pickle cucumbers, if menstruation. I wonder if there is any rational explanation for this?

In the old days, on critical days, women were not allowed to go to church. they soiled the floor.

I can only say about the paint, that she can take it badly or not take it at all, or it will be cool color :))))) I heard from my mother, when she cut her hair these days, her hair was tangled and nothing happened to her hair :)))) Do not cut your hair only if you want a hairpiece from your hair, or for sale. What I do not know. but a fact!

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A woman cannot go to church these days, because considered "dirty" (figuratively). Coming to church and touching icons, these days, you defile the holy.

A woman cannot go to church these days, because considered "dirty" (figuratively). Coming to church and touching icons, these days, you defile the holy.

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Moreover, how can a woman be dirty these days, if God himself created her like this? If it is laid by nature?

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laughed)))) about cooking, let me say from my own experience - the food these days is much less tasty than usual, I suppose that this is due to bad mood and well-being.

I also heard that you can not knead the dough these days .. Like, it will not rise. Generally, if you remember all the national signs, it is easier for the time of menstruation to lock in the closet. Well, hormonal background changes for a while, hence a change in mood, a decrease in pain threshold, a change in blood clotting, someone like. Ну уж не настолько прямо, чтобы даже привычная краска на волосах бралась другим оттенком.

)))))совершено верно сказано)))зачем все усложнять?)))))

А я дожив до 30 лет узнала, что с этими делами нельзя в церковь ходить. На работе особо верущих пытала в чем проблема, мне ответ в эти дни женщина нечистая, я в чем нечистая. Вообщем вразумительного никто ничего неответил.

During menstruation, a woman gets bad karma, energy. In men during the haircut. when you cook, especially for your husband and children, feed them with Duron energy. SM Vedic knowledge. Check.

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Maria Ivanova

None Hair can be cut on any favorable day, taking into account the lunar calendar, avoiding it on the new moon, the 9th, 15th, 23rd, 29th lunar days, as well as the days of solar and lunar eclipses and when the Moon is in Sagittarius.

yeah, don't cut your hair, don't wash yourself, don't clean your teeth and don't wipe after the toilet

Opinion of medicine about hair cutting during menstruation

Previously, it was believed that any manipulation of hair during menstruation has a bad effect on hair growth and their structure. For the most part, any manipulation of the hair during menstruation was associated with illness or early aging. Menstruation is a natural process of nature, but until recently, a woman during this period was considered unclean, and for believers it was a sign of Satan. But menstrual days are also associated with a poor energy field, which occurs during this period. This condition can not only bring trouble, but also ruin the hair and haircut.

Now more and more girls believe in the second more, so they wonder whether it is worth it to hurry or whether it is worth waiting for the end of menstruation. For them it is not clear why you can not cut your hair when you want, but you need to wait for certain days. Medicine in this matter remains aloof, although many different studies have been conducted on this issue. None of them gave a definite answer. The only thing that justifies the negative impact of menstruation is the coincidence of the beginning of a new menstrual cycle with the moon. In certain phases of such a calendar it is not recommended, in general, to carry out any manipulations with your hair. They do not fit, become naughty and brittle, and a haircut can only exacerbate the situation.

There are a number of theories that are not related to mysticism or the influence of the moon. The fact is that during the menstruation period there is an outflow of blood from the hair follicles and the heat leaves them. For this reason, the hair looks worse than usual, and any hairstyles may simply not work out, trimming the hair is also not recommended. The bulbs lose their power without adequate blood supply, and the curls become brittle and dull.

Influence of hormonal background on hair condition

The female menstrual cycle is a complex mechanism in which almost all body systems are involved and failure can be not only the cause of poor health, but also have an impact on the scalp and hair. The predominance of the male hormone testosterone leads to hair loss, follicles simply collapse with an excess of androgens. With hormonal failure, the concentration of male hormones, which is minimal during normal functioning of the reproductive system, increases several times. Androgens suppress the production of estrogens, which are responsible for feminine beauty and make skin and hair attractive. Male hormones inhibit ovarian function and lead to the following changes:

  • the development of alopecia,
  • increased sebum secretion,
  • loss of natural shine
  • change the appearance of hair.

All functional processes, including hair growth, are associated with metabolism, and cyclical changes throughout the cycle will certainly affect the body. Metabolism changes throughout life, in many respects it all depends on age, lifestyle and external factors. The menstrual cycle in these reasons takes not the last place, causing that acceleration of natural processes, their slowing down. Such unpredictable reactions cast doubt on any manipulation of the hair, including haircuts and dyeing.

It is known that each person’s hair growth takes place differently, for someone this process is accelerated, and for someone it is slowed down, and any intervention can cause this process to stop altogether. Those who want to grow long hair or change the style are recommended to choose a day that is favorable for this. Do not forget that hair grows better and endure intervention in spring and summer, otherwise you need to rely on your individual cycle. Sometimes the reason may lie simply in the lack of vitamins and beneficial trace elements and menstruation does not matter.

To get a haircut or not during menstruation

Given the opinion of experts, and throwing all the prejudices of the ancestors, you can cut your hair when you want and do not pay attention to signs. If the question of haircuts during menstruation still makes the girl worry, then it is better to wait a few days. To avoid possible consequences, it is enough to follow a number of rules:

  • wait until the end of menstruation,
  • use the services of a professional barber,
  • if you take a chance, then cut your hair to the maximum, removing all negative energy with it.

The opinion of the girls who took the risk and still cut their hair during menstruation, also diverge. Some argue that nothing terrible happened to them and their hair, and all the prejudices are just silly superstitions, for others the haircut during their periods did not end as well as we would like. There is no evidence of a bad influence, but one cannot argue with obvious changes.

The question of getting a haircut or not is purely individual, and it's all the same to decide for yourself. Maybe you should listen to ancestors who avoided unclean days or not get hung up and still change your image.